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2016 Mar 010-111 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. Which of the following exercises works best in isolating the soleus muscle? 

A. Standing heel raises 

B. Seated ankle extensions with the knees straight 

C. Seated heel raises with bent (flexed) knees 

D. Half squats with external rotation of the hip joint 

Answer: C

Q112. A client is attempting to lose 10 pounds. In order to lose 1.5 pounds per week, she will have to reduce her caloric intake per day by how many calories? 

A. 350 

B. 500 

C. 750 

D. 1000 

Answer: C

Q113. Which of the following screening mechanisms would best optimize safety during exercise testing and aid in the development of a safe and effective exercise prescription? 

A. Postural analysis and bone density screening 

B. Health history screening to determine risk stratification 

C. PAR-Q form and prudent goal setting 

D. Health history screening to identify metabolic syndrome 

Answer: B

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Q114. Type II muscle fibers: 

A. Have a high capacity to generate energy through the electron transport system. 

B. Have a high capacity to generate energy from fat. 

C. Are recruited at a higher percentage of maximum force than Type I fibers. 

D. Have high endurance capabilities. 

Answer: C

Q115. Which of the following is NOT true regarding a properly administered informed consent form? 

A. It provides an explanation of all procedures to be performed. 

B. It releases the facility and personnel from liability. 

C. It provides an opportunity for inquiries. 

D. It encourages and implies confidentiality. 

Answer: B

Q116. Client pre-participation screening procedures should be _____. 

A. valid and include fitness testing at the first meeting 

B. pre-approved by a physician and cost effective 

C. valid, cost effective and time efficient 

D. pre-approved by a physician and include fitness testing at the first meeting 

Answer: C

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Q117. What is the minimum duration of an intermittent bout of aerobic activity that may be accumulated throughout the day? 

A. 10 minutes 

B. 15 minutes 

C. 20 minutes 

D. 30 minutes 

Answer: A

Q118. What is the natural curve in the lumbar region of the spine? 

A. Kyphotic curve 

B. Scoliotic curve 

C. Lordotic curve 

D. Myotic curve 

Answer: C

Q119. Your client is telling you about his progress during the past week. You do not quite understand what the client is trying to convey. You restate what the client just told you and ask him/her if that is correct. Which of the following terms define the communication strategy described in the above scenario? 

A. advising 

B. reflecting 

C. probing 

D. diverting 

Answer: B

Q120. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the warm-up and cool-down components of the exercise training session? 

A. Warm-up should last twice as long as cool-down. 

B. Cool-down should approximate an intensity that is between 40 and 60% of VO2R 

C. Warm-up need not involve cardiorespiratory activity if the conditioning phase of the exercise session involves resistance training. 

D. Cool-down during the exercise session can be eliminated if at least 10 minutes of stretching is performed instead. 

Answer: B

Q121. What is the role of High Density Lipoprotein in the blood? 

A. Transports cholesterol 

B. Increases anaerobic enzymes 

C. Increases triglycerides 

D. Decreases total cholesterol 

Answer: A