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2016 Apr 010-111 Study Guide Questions:

Q45. Which of the following muscle groups must be strengthened in order to maintain a healthy back? 

A. Abdominals, knee flexors, and hip flexors 

B. Abdominals, hip extensors and erector spinae 

C. Abdominals, hip flexors and hip extensors 

D. Abdominals, hamstrings and hip flexor 

Answer: B

Q46. What two muscles, along with the supraspinatus and infraspinatus, make up the rotator cuff? 

A. Teres minor and scalenus 

B. Teres minor and subscapularis 

C. Teres major and scalenus 

D. Teres major and subscapularis 

Answer: B

Q47. What term best describes accurate record keeping, a safe exercise environment, and proper supervision? 

A. Risk management 

B. Help management 

C. Legal management 

D. Assistance management 

Answer: A

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Q48. "I have been thinking about starting an exercise program, but there never seems to be enough time," is an example of which stage in the Transtheoretical Model? 

A. Preparation 

B. Contemplation 

C. Precontemplation 

D. Action 

Answer: B

Q49. An individual participates regularly in his workplace fitness program because he earns a discount on his health insurance premium for doing so. For this individual, the discount is an example of ________ . 

A. Relapse prevention 

B. Intrinsic motivation 

C. Self-monitoring. 

D. Extrinsic motivation 

Answer: D

Q50. Which of the following bones facilitate movement of the chest during both inspiration and expiration? 

A. clavicle 

B. scapula 

C. carpal 

D. scalene 

Answer: A

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Q51. What respiratory muscles can cause forceful expiration? 

A. External intercostals 

B. Pectoralis minor 

C. Sternocleidomastoid 

D. Internal intercostals 

Answer: D

Q52. What is the predominant factor causing increases in strength during the initial weeks of training? 

A. Changes in whole muscle cross-sectional area 

B. Increases in overall limb circumference 

C. Improvements in neuromuscular adaptation 

D. Increases in muscle-fiber cross-sectional area 

Answer: C

Q53. Which energy system has the highest capacity for ATP production? 


B. Rapid glycolysis 

C. Slow glycolysis 

D. Oxidative phosphorylation 

Answer: D

Q54. Which of the following indicate the appropriate height range for performing depth jump training effectively and safely? 

A. 16 to 42 inches (41 to 107 cm) 

B. 24 to 48 inches (61 to 122 cm) 

C. 32 to 60 inches (81 to 152 cm) 

D. 40 to 60 inches (102 to 152 cm) 

Answer: A

Q55. Which of the following is a normal blood pressure (BP) response to aerobic exercise? 

A. Both systolic and diastolic BP increase proportionately to increases in workload. 

B. Systolic BP increases and diastolic BP decreases. 

C. Systolic BP increases proportionately to increases in workload and diastolic BP remains unchanged or decreases slightly. 

D. Systolic and diastolic BP both decrease at the onset of exercise, then increase in proportion to the increase in intensity. 

Answer: C

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