[Accurate] 010-111 ACSM test engine 67-77 (Apr 2016)

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Exam Name: ACSM certified Personal Trainer
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2016 Apr 010-111 Study Guide Questions:

Q67. Stimulus control as a behavioral strategy to enhance exercise adherence can best be described as: 

A. utilizing environmental cues to remind participants to maintain their commitment to exercise. 

B. establishing realistic expectations and avoiding overly pessimistic or optimistic expectations. 

C. developing a behavioral contract, signed by the participant that formalizes their commitment to exercise. 

D. orienting participants to the advantages and disadvantages of exercise. 

Answer: A

Q68. What is the correct spotting technique for the barbell flat bench press? 

A. Keep your hands on the client's elbows. 

B. Keep both hands on the bar at all times. 

C. Keep your hands close to the bar without touching it. 

D. Hands held at your sides in a ready position, with your elbows flexed at a 45-degree angle. 

Answer: C

Q69. According to the Food Guide Pyramid, how should fats and oils be used in the diet? 

A. Sparingly 

B. Equal the daily intake of protein 

C. Be consumed only with breakfast 

D. Should make up at least 30% of each meal 

Answer: A

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Q70. An auditory learner benefits most from which of the following? 

A. Written instructions 

B. Voice cues 

C. Touch training 

D. Demonstrations 

Answer: B

Q71. What plane divides the body into upper and lower sections? 

A. Sagittal 

B. Frontal 

C. Transverse 

D. Median 

Answer: C

Q72. A routine pattern of adhering to and documenting compliance with fitness industry guidelines is often an effective guard against ________. 

A. Breach of contract 

B. Malfeasance 

C. Negligence 

D. Malpractice 

Answer: C

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Q73. From a seated position, with dumbbells to the sides, raising the dumbbells laterally to shoulder level with elbows slightly flexed, exercises primarily the _______: 

A. bicep brachii and latisimus dorsi 

B. posterior deltoid 

C. anterior deltoid and triceps brachii 

D. middle deltoid. 

Answer: D

Q74. What is the anatomical reference for the waist circumference measurement? 

A. The maximal circumference between the chest to just below the gluteal fold. 

B. Two centimeters below the umbilicus. 

C. Narrowest part of the torso, above the umbilicus, and below the xiphoid process. 

D. At the level of the umbilicus. 

Answer: C

Q75. What is the exercise response to acute cigarette smoking? 

A. Respiration rate increases; blood pressure response to exercise decreases 

B. Likelihood of coronary artery spasm increases; blood pressure response to decreases 

C. Heart rate increases; likelihood of coronary artery spasm increases 

D. Likelihood of coronary artery spasm decreases; blood pressure response to exercise increases 

Answer: C

Q76. What is the major muscle used to flex the hip joint? 

A. Vastus lateralis 

B. Iliopsoas 

C. Biceps femoris 

D. Gluteus maximus 

Answer: B

Q77. When performing a seated leg extension, which muscle group is the primary antagonist during the concentric phase? 

A. Hamstrings 

B. Quadriceps 

C. Hip extensors 

D. Back extensors 

Answer: A

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