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2016 Jun 117-102 training

Q51. You are a junior administrator of a high-traffic production web server.

Which of the following commands would you run to restart the Apache web service without aborting existing connections?

A. apachectl reload

B. apachectl restart

C. apachectl -k stop; apachectl start

D. apachectl graceful

E. /etc/init.d/httpd reload

Answer: D

Q52. Which of the following removes all of the object files and some other things that an old version leaves behind?

A. make dep

B. make clean

C. make_dep

D. make_install

Answer: B

Q53. Ghostscript can be used as:

A. A Line Printer Daemon

B. A print filter to convert PostScript data for non-PostScript printers

C. A print filter to allow correct printing on PostScript printers

D. A print filter to remove "ghosting" and "staircase" effect problems

E. A graphical viewer for PostScript files

Answer: B

Q54. You want a secure and fast DNS server that must also be quickly accessible remotely.

You should:

A. Reject all udp packets.

B. Reject all icmp packets.

C. Reject all icmp untrusted-host packets.

D. Disable inetd, run ssh and named as standalone daemons.

E. Use tcpwrappers to only allow connections to ports 22 and 53.

Answer: DE

Q55. You discover a pending job for the at command. 

Which of the following do you have to use to remove it?

A. atrm

B. atq -r

C. at -r

D. rmat

Answer: A

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Q56. You wish to notify all users that you have to take down a service on which they rely. What command will allow you to send a message to all currently logged on users? Enter only the command, not the path.

A. wall

Answer: A

Q57. An administrator has added the following line to /etc/inittab in order to disable the ability to reboot a Debian system by pressing the Control + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously:

ca:12345: ________ :/bin/echo "Rebooting disabled" Please provide the missing string

A. ctrlaltdel

Answer: A

Q58. What word is missing from the following SQL statement?

update tablename _____ fieldname='value' where id=909;

A. set

Answer: A

Q59. In which directory will you fund the delivered mail for the user foo?

A. /var/spool/mail

B. /home/foo/mail

C. /var/mail/spool

D. /var/users/mail

Answer: B

Q60. What commands will load a kernel module? (Select TWO answers)

A. ldmod

B. modprobe

C. loadmod

D. insmod

E. modload

Answer: BD

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