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2016 Jun 117-102 test question

Q141. Which of the following commands will attempt to configure the kernel from an old configuration file and run through the make config process for you?

A. make oldconfig

B. make newconfig

C. make clean

D. None of the choices

Answer: A

Q142. You just installed a new system, but before you create any new users you want to ensure they have a subdirectory bin/ in their home directory. 

To ensure this directory is automatically created each time you add a new user, in what subdirectory should you create the directory?

A. /etc/skel

Answer: A

Q143. The files /etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/nologin all exist on your computer and the sshd daemon is running.

What will happen when users try to connect with ssh?

A. Only connections from computers specified in /etc/hosts.allow will be allowed to log in.

B. Only root will be allowed to log in.

C. All users not specified in /etc/hosts.deny will be allowed to log in.

D. No user will be allowed to log in.

Answer: B

Q144. We have bash script ~/myscript shown below: 

shift echo $2

We call this script: 

~/myscript alpha beta gamma delta. 

What will we see?

A. alpha

B. beta

C. gamma

D. delta

Answer: C

Q145. Some loadable kernel modules accept options at load time. This can be used to set interrupt or IO addresses, for example. The place to set these options is?

A. /etc/conf.modules

B. /etc/lilo.conf

C. /boot/

D. /etc/sysconfig

E. /boot/module-info

Answer: E

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Q146. In the config file for xinetd, you can specify the interface to offer service by the attribute:

A. bind

Answer: A

Q147. The main collection of Linux usenet newsgroups are found in which usenet hierarchy?

A. sys.linux

B. comp.linux

C. comp.os.linux

D. comp.sys.linux

E. comp.opsys.linux

Answer: C

Q148. To test a shell script called myscript, the environment variable FOOBAR must be removed temporarily. 

How can this be done?

A. unset -v FOOBAR

B. set -a FOOBAR=""

C. env -u FOOBAR myscript

D. env -i FOOBAR myscript

Answer: C

Q149. A French user has installed the French language pack, but currencies are still being displayed with a leading '$' sign in his spread sheets. 

What must be done to fix this?

A. Alter the locale

B. Set the timezone correctly

C. Edit /etc/currency

D. Reinstall the French language pack

Answer: A

Q150. You have a Linux system routing 3 networks through 3 separate NICs and are having trouble with your IP forwarding. What file would you check to ensure that IP forwarding is enabled?

A. /etc/defaultrouter

B. /proc/net/tcp

C. /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

D. /var/log/messages

Answer: C

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