Jun 2016 updated: Actualtests Check Point 156-215.75 exam answers 231-240

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2016 Jun 156-215.75 vce

Q231. Assume you are a Security Administrator for ABCTech. You have allowed authenticated access to users from Mkting_net to Finance_net. But in the user's properties, connections are only permitted within Mkting_net. What is the BEST way to resolve this conflict? 

A. Permit access to Finance_net 

B. Select ignore database in action properties window 

C. Select intersect with user database in the action properties window 

D. Select Intersect with user database or Ignore Database in the Action Properties window. 

Answer: D 

Q232. For normal packet transmission of an accepted communication to a host protected by a Security Gateway, how many lines per packet are recorded on a packet analyzer like Wireshark using fw monitor? 

A. 2 

B. 4 

C. 3 

D. None 

Answer: B 

Q233. How are cached usernames and passwords cleared from the memory of a R75 Security Gateway? 

A. By retrieving LDAP user information using the command fw fetchldap 

B. By using the Clear User Cache button in Smart Dashboard 

C. Usernames and password only clear from memory after they time out 

D. By installing a Security Policy 

Answer: D 

Q234. You have configured Automatic Static NAT on an internal host-node object. You clear the box Translate destination on client site from Global Properties / NAT. Assuming all other NAT settings in Global Properties are selected, what else must be configured so that a host on the Internet can initiate an inbound connection to this host? 

A. A static route, to ensure packets destined for the public NAT IP address will reach the Gateway's internal interface. 

B. A proxy ARP entry, to ensure packets destined for the public IP address will reach the Security Gateway’s external interface. 

C. The NAT IP address must be added to the anti-spoofing group of the external gateway interface 

D. No extra configuration is needed 

Answer: A 

Q235. A Clean-up rule is used to: 

A. Drop without logging connections that would otherwise be dropped and logged fry default 

B. Log connections that would otherwise be accepted without logging by default. 

C. Log connections that would otherwise be dropped without logging by default. 

D. Drop without logging connections that would otherwise be accepted and logged by default 

Answer: C 

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Q236. Where can you view the anti-virus status? 

A. SmartDashboard 

B. SmartView Tracking 

C. SmartView Monitor 

D. SmartUpdate 

Answer: C 

Q237. How can you configure an application to automatically launch on the Security Management Server when traffic is dropped or accepted by a rule in the Security Policy? 

A. Pop-up alert script 

B. User-defined alert script 

C. Custom scripts cannot be executed through alert scripts 

D. SNMP trap alert script 

Answer: B 

Q238. Where can you view anti-spam status? 

A. SmartView Monitor 

B. SmartDashboard 

C. SmartView Tracker 

D. SmartUpdate 

Answer: A 

Q239. If you were NOT using IKE aggressive mode for your IPsec tunnel, how many packets would you see for normal Phase 1 exchange? 

A. 6 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 9 

Answer: A 

Q240. True or False: SmartView Monitor can be used to create alerts on a specified Gateway. 

A. True, by choosing the Gateway and selecting System Information. 

B. True, by right-clicking on the Gateway and selecting Configure Thresholds. 

C. False, alerts can only be set in SmartDashboard Global Properties. 

D. False, an alert cannot be created for a specified Gateway. 

Answer: B 

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