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2016 Jun 156-315.75 practice exam

Q301. Review the cphaprob state command output from a New Mode High Availability cluster member. 

Which machine has the highest priority? 

A., because its state is active 

B., because its number is 1 

C., because it is <local> 

D. This output does not indicate which machine has the highest priority. 

Answer: B 

Q302. There are times when you want to use Link Selection to manage high-traffic VPN connections. With Link Selection you can: 

A. Assign links to specific VPN communities. 

B. Assign links to use Dynamic DNS. 

C. Use links based on services. 

D. Prohibit Dynamic DNS. 

Answer: C 

Q303. You can NOT use SmartDashboard's SmartDirectory features to connect to the LDAP server. What should you investigate? 

A. 1 and 3 

B. 2 and 3 

C. 1 and 2 

D. 1, 2, and 3 

Answer: B 

Q304. Which port is typically used by SSL Network Extender, if the Connectra Portal will also be used on the same IP address? 

A. SSL (TCP/900) 

B. SSL (TCP/443) 

C. SSL (TCP/444) 

D. SSL (TCP/80) 

Answer: C 

Q305. When using ClusterXL in Load Sharing, what is the default method? 

A. IPs, Ports, SPIs 

B. IPs 

C. IPs, Ports 

D. IPs, SPIs 

Answer: A 

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Up to the minute 156-315.75 sample question:

Q306. Using IPS, how do you notify the Security Administrator that malware is scanning specific ports? By enabling: 

A. Malware Scan protection 

B. Sweep Scan protection 

C. Host Port Scan 

D. Malicious Code Protector 

Answer: B 

Q307. What is the advantage for deploying SSL VPN in a DMZ, versus a LAN? 

A. SSL VPN adds another layer of access security to internal resources, when it resides in a DMZ. 

B. SSL Network Extender is ineffective in a LAN deployment. 

C. Traffic is in clear text when forwarded to internal servers, but the back connection is encrypted for remote users 

D. Traffic is authenticated without hiding behind Connectra's IP address 

Answer: A 

Q308. By default, a standby Security Management Server is automatically synchronized by an active Security Management Server, when: 

A. The user data base is installed. 

B. The standby Security Management Server starts for the first time. 

C. The Security Policy is installed. 

D. The Security Policy is saved. 

Answer: C 

Q309. The ______________ contains the Events Data Base. 

A. SmartEvent Client 

B. SmartEvent Correlation Unit 

C. SmartEvent DataServer 

D. SmartEvent Server 

Answer: D 

Q310. Typically, when you upgrade the Security Management Server, you install and configure a fresh R75 installation on a new computer and then migrate the database from the original machine. When doing this, what is required of the two machines? They must both have the same: 

A. Products installed. 

B. Interfaces configured. 

C. State. 

D. Patch level. 

Answer: A 

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