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Q341. You need to configure fine-grained access control to external network resources from within your database. You create an access control list (ACL) using the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package.

Which statement is true regarding the ACL created?

A. It is a list of remote database links stored in the XML file that are available to the users of the database.

B. It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the XML file according to which a group of users can connect to one or more hosts.

C. It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the data dictionary according to which a group of users can connect to one or more hosts.

D. It is the list of the host names or the IP addresses stored in the data dictionary that can connect to your database through PL/SQL network utility packages such as UTL_TCP.

Answer: B

Q342. View the Exhibit and examine the Data Pump architecture.

Identify the numbered components.

A. 1 - Oracle Loader, 2 - Oracle Data Pump, 3 - Direct Path API

B. 1 - Oracle Data Pump, 2 - Direct Path API, 3 - Oracle Loader

C. 1 - Direct Path API, 2 - Oracle Loader, 3 - Oracle Data Pump

D. 1 - Oracle Loader, 2 - Direct Path API, 3 - Oracle Data Pump

Answer: A

Q343. In which two aspects does hot patching differ from conventional patching? (Choose two.)

A. It consumes more memory compared with conventional patching.

B. It can be installed and uninstalled via OPatch unlike conventional patching.

C. It takes more time to install or uninstall compared with conventional patching.

D. It does not require down time to apply or remove unlike conventional patching.

E. It is not persistent across instance startup and shutdown unlike conventional patching.

Answer: AD

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Q344. Globalization support is implemented through the text- and character-processing functions provided by which Oracle feature?





E. Linguistic sorts

Answer: B

Q345. The BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter is set to FALSE for the database instance. Which statement is true while performing a tape backup in an RMAN session?

A. The tape I/O performed is asynchronous

B. The tape buffer is allocated from the System Global Area (SGA)

C. The tape buffer is allocated from the Program Global Area (PGA)

D. Oracle I/O uses an interrupt mechanism to determine when each I/O completes

Answer: C

Q346. Evaluate the following statements:

CREATE TABLE purchase_orders

 (po_id NUMBER(4),

po_date TIMESTAMP,

supplier_id NUMBER(6),

po_total NUMBER(8,2),



 (PARTITION Q1 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-apr-2007?d-mon-yyyy?),

PARTITION Q2 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-jul-2007?d-mon-yyyy?),

PARTITION Q3 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-oct -2007?d-mon-yyyy?),

PARTITION Q4 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-jan-2008?d-mon-yyyy?));

CREATE TABLE purchase_order_items

 (po_id NUMBER(4) NOT NULL,

product_id NUMBER(6) NOT NULL,

unit_price NUMBER(8,2),

quantity NUMBER(8),

CONSTRAINT po_items_fk

FOREIGN KEY (po_id) REFERENCES purchase_orders(po_id))


What are the two consequences of the above statements? (Choose two.)

A. Partitions of PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS have system-generated names.

B. Both PURCHASE_ORDERS and PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS tables are created with four partitions each.

C. Partitions of the PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table exist in the same tablespaces as the partitions of the PURCHASE_ORDERS table.

D. The PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table inherits the partitioning key from the parent table by automatically duplicating the key columns.

E. Partition maintenance operations performed on the PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table are automatically reflected in the PURCHASE_ORDERS table.

Answer: BC

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Q347. You have enabled resumable space allocation in your database by setting the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT parameter set to a nonzero value.

Which three statements about resumable space allocation are true? (Choose three.)

A. Even with resumable space allocation enabled for your database, you can disable resumable space allocation for a single session.

B. A resumable statement is suspended only if an out of space error occurs.

C. When a resumable statement is suspended, the transaction that contains the statement is also suspended.

D. A resumable statement can only be suspended and resumed once during the execution of the statement.

E. You can query the V$SESSION_WAIT dynamic performance view to identify the statements that are suspended for a session.

Answer: ACE

Q348. You plan to have a larger moving window size for the default system-defined moving window baseline because you want to use the adaptive threshold. Which statement factors in this consideration while increasing the size of the moving window?

A. The collection level for the AWR should be set to BASIC.

B. The moving window size must be less than Undo Retention.

C. The moving window size should be greater than the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period.

D. The moving window size should be equal to or less than the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period.

Answer: D

Q349. Which of the following are not fundamental tasks of the Support Workbench? (Choose all that apply.)

A. View long-running SQL workloads

B. View problem details

C. Gather additional diagnostic information

D. Create a Service Request

E. Clean up incident data after upload to Oracle Support

Answer: AE

Q350. You run the following commands:

RMAN> list expired backup;

RMAN> delete expired backup;

What will happen to the backup set pieces associated with the backups that appear in the list expired backup command?

A. They will be renamed.

B. Nothing will happen to them. The backup set pieces do not exist.

C. They will be deleted immediately since they are not in the flash recovery area.

D. You will need to manually remove the physical files listed in the output of the commands.

E. They will become hidden files and removed 10 days later.

Answer: B

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