[Vivid] 1Z0-465 Oracle exam answers 21-30 (May 2016)

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2016 May 1Z0-465 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Within the password configuration settings what does the grace period control? 

A. The number of days after an account is locked when the user can request an online reset of his password 

B. The number of days a notice is sent to the user before his password expires 

C. The number of days after a password expires that the user can still log in before the account is locked 

D. The number of days before a manager is noticed of a locked account 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Grace period after expiration before account is locked. 

Q22. Your customer has performed a search on the knowledgebase and has stated that they are getting strange results. Every time they search for the word "widget" the correct answer appears as the 10th answer on the search results and not at the top of the first page. 

How can you increase the value of the word "widget" In the knowledgebase search results? 

A. Assign all products and categories to the knowledgebase answer. 

B. Set the display position to "Fix at top." 

C. Set the display position to "Place at top." 

D. Add the search term to the keyword field of the knowledgebase answer. 

Answer: D 



Not B: would ensure that widget would always be at the top over every list, but the value of 

the word would not be affected. 

Q23. You are updating the “Salesman” profile in a site where a new custom object has been created called CO.Salesman. 

Your customer has requested their salesman to update record in this custom object. 

What two settings in the “Salesmen” profile have to be updated to allow them access? 

A. Contacts Tab: Select the Edit check box for Sales. 

B. Custom Objects Tab: select the Read check box for package Name “CO” and object Name “Salesman”. 

C. Service Tab: select the Add/Edit check box for incidents. 

D. Custom Objects Tab: select the update check box for package Name “CO” and object name “Salesmen” 

E. Add a workspace for the Salesmen custom object. 

F. Sales Tab: select the Edit check box opportunities. 

G. Update the workspace for Opportunities. 

Answer: D,E 

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Renewal 1Z0-465 exam topics:

Q24. Your customer has five different incidents queues: 


Tier 2 




The Help and VIP queues have the quickest response goals. 

Which two configurations will ensure that an agent’s profile pulls incidents assigned these queues first using a single agent profile? 

A. Create an agent profile to only work these two queues. 

B. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile. 

C. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile with Helper and VIP being the first two in the list. 

D. Use the First Due Pull Policy 

E. Use the Strict Priority Pull Policy 

Answer: C,E 

Q25. You have created variables for your customer address to be used throughout their system 

What three pieces of functionality will allow the use of these variables? 

A. Answers 

B. Incidents 

C. Incident Rules 

D. Standard text 

E. Workflow 

F. Agent Scripting 

Answer: A,C,F 

Explanation: A: You can use variables when authoring answers 

C: A variable is a piece of data with a value that can change during rules processing. You define what its default, or starting, value should be. Then, based on conditions you specify, the variable can be modified by rule actions. You can also use the value of a variable as a condition of a rule. The value of the variable is temporary, existing only during the particular rules processing session. When rules processing is started the next time, the variable’s value is reset to the default value. 

Q26. Your customer has asked that all incidents be “scanned” for words that may revolve around product defects and injures so that they can alert their risk management team of any possible product issues or liability. The customer accepts that 100% accuracy is not available, and accepts that they will be false positives and a margin for error. 

They have provided you he following words to be “scanned”: 

Mouth Jaw Cheek Jowl Chin Oral Palate 

The customer requires the following: 

Match whole words only 

All valid words must be preceded with a space. 

All valid words must be spelled correctly. 

All words must be directly followed by a meta character in this list: 

, {comma} 

. {period} 

‘ {single quote} 

“ {double quote} 

; {semi colon} 

: {colon} 


! {exclamation point} 

? {question mark} 

& {ampersand} 

You decide to use a regular expression to search for these words in all incoming emails. 

^mouth [ , | . | ’ | ” | ; | : | | ! | ? | & ] | \ jaw [| , | . | ‘ | “ | : | ! | &] | \ cheek [ , | ‘ | ; | : | | ! | ? | &] | \ 

jowl [ , | . | ‘ | ; | | !| ? | &] | \ chin$ [ , | . | ‘ | “ | ; | | ! | ? | & ] | \ oral [ , | . | ‘ | “ | : | | ? | & ] | \ pallate [ , | . | ‘ | “ | : | | ! | ? | &] | \ 

Identify the three words that will be correctly matched to this regular expression. 

A. Mouth 

B. Jaw 

C. Cheek 

D. Jowl 

E. Chin 

F. Oral 

G. Palate 

Answer: C,D,F 


Cheek, jowl, and oral all appear correctly in the regular expression. 

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Q27. Your customer wants to put the information in the “answer” section of their knowledgebase article as more important than the information in the “subject” section. 

What two system configuration settings can be modified to increase the value of the phrases in the “answer” versus the “subject” during a search from either customer portal of the agent desktop? 








Answer: B,C 

Q28. Your customer has asked you to create a report that will need to be sent to the executive management. 

None of the receipts of this report has access to the system, and the same monthly report should be delivered to all recipients. 

The management team frequently changes and your customer does not want to alter the report schedule after configuration. 

After creating the report what two additional steps need to be taken? 

A. Create a schedule record for the report. 

B. Send a notification to the execution team that the report is available. 

C. Set the up staff accounts for the executive team. 

D. Create and add the distribution list to the schedule. 

E. Create a dashboard for the report. 

F. Upgrade the permissions for the report to include the executive team. 

Answer: A,D 


Note: * Distribution Lists Email address lists that you can use when scheduling reports, configuring rule notifications, forwarding incidents and opportunities, and using CC and BCC in incident responses 

Q29. Your customer wants agents to automatically receive an incident private note that explains how to handle specific responses from customers. 

These incidents would be identified by specific terms in the subject line. 

Select three steps needed to accomplish this. 

A. Use an Incident Business Rule to append standard text to the uncommitted response buffer. 

B. Add a workspace rule that checks for identified terms in the subject line. 

C. Create Standard Text with instructions. 

D. Use an Incident Business Rule to append standard text to Customer Thread. 

E. Add the Standard Text as Private Note to Thread in the workspace rule. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q30. Your customer has a complex workspace that has 60 + tabs, 100 + data fields and over 200 + rules that are fired based on agent actions for their different business functions. 

Your customer has told you that their workspace is painfully slow and the call center agents cannot do their work. 

The customer would like to keep using a single profile for all their agents to simplify administration. 

You have condensed many of the rules in the workspace into named events to try and speed things up, but on the call center agents' workstations its still just too slow. 

Which three options will speed up the agents' workspace? 

A. Reduce the number of tabs that need to be rendered 

B. Utilize workflow to split the workspace into more than one 

C. Reduce the number of data fields on the workspace 

D. Utilize a single workspace per business function and assign it to the profile 

E. Create workspace rules to hide unused tabs when the workspace loads. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Explanation: * In many cases, a workspace contains many fields or controls that are applicable only in certain scenarios. Set the default state (visibility, required setting, and read-only setting) to match the most-common cases, and then use rules to handle the uncommon cases by dynamically showing/hiding/changing required or read-only settings. When using rules to show or hide multiple fields/controls, try to group these items onto tabs or panels and hide/show just that tab or panel. By following these best practices, you will make your rules easier to maintain and you will minimize workspace flickering that can happen when you first show and then hide fields and controls. 

* Oracle RightNow Contextual Workspaces Cloud Service is a very powerful add-in option that gives you the ability to tailor your workspaces to meet complex enterprise business needs. It can also make your agents more productive, by providing them with what they need, when they need it. For example, you can show only the information and fields that are relevant, based on 

. What type of interaction it is 

. Who the customer is 

. Who the agent is 

. What is happening during the interaction 

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