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2016 Jun 1Z0-514 test question

Q1. Evaluate the following command:

$sqlplus / noblog

In which scenario would the above command execute successfully?

A. Only from the server if the database instance is not up.

B. Either from the server or client even if the database instance is not up.

C. Either from a client or server only if the database instance is up and the command connectsthe session to the instance.

D. Either from a client or server only if the database instance is up but the command does not connect the session to the instance.

Answer: B

Q2. Which statement is true regarding undo tablespace?

A. Undo tablespace Is a temporary tablespace.

B. Only one undo tablespace can exist in a database.

C. Undo tablespace can consist of only one data file that is reused in a cyclic fashion.

D. Multiple undo tablespaces can exist in a database but only one can be active at a lime.

Answer: D

Q3. View the exhibit below and examine the details entered.

User HR has made some modifications to the data in the HR.EMPLOYEES table. You need to now restore the data in the table to a previous version and use the Enterprise Manager.

From which source dose the operation flash back the table data to the specified time?

A. redo logs

B. undo tablespace

C. flash recovery area

D. temporary tablespace

Answer: C

Q4. A customer is looking to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 when they bring in a new database server. Which two features of the release can the customer use to ensure that the performance of their new Oracle Database is maintained through the upgrade?

A. using Database Replay to capture the workload on the existing server, to be used in testing the new server environment

B. adding 20% more memory to the new server to handle the increased requirements of Oracle Database 11g Release 2

C. reproducing the current client environment on the new serverto ensure that the new environment can deliver the same results with the same workload.

D. using SQL Performance Analyzer to compare the performance of SQL statements in the new and old server environments

E. running both systems in parallel during production usage

Answer: A,C

Q5. Your test database is currently running in the ARCHIVELOG mode and you plan to switch to the NOARCHIVELOG mode temporarily.

Which type of backup should you perform before switching the mode to ensure database recovery

is possible?

A. whole backup

B. level o incremental backup of data files

C. full backup of data files using only backup sets

D. full backup of data files using only image copies

Answer: A

1Z0-514  test

Updated 1Z0-514 exam question:

Q6. Your database instance in running.db01 is a net service name. You issue a connection request

using the following command:

SQL> CONNECT scott/tiger@db01

Which component receives the request and establishes the appropriate connection?

A. listener

B. user process

C. service name

D. server process

Answer: A

Q7. You want to Increase the number of SQL statements that are cached in memory. Which memory structure size should be increased?

A. Large pool

B. Shared pool

C. Buffer Cache

D. Program Global Area

Answer: B

Q8. The DBA of your database informs you that the Oracle instance has started.

What does this imply?

A. Users can access the data in the database.

B. Only the SGA has been allocated for the database.

C. Only the background and user processes are running.

D. Memory areas have been allocated and background processes have been started.

Answer: D

Q9. Which three options correctly match environment variables with their specific functionalities? (Choose three.)

A. ORACLE_SID:specifies the instance name

B. ORACLE_SID: specifies the global database name

C. ORACLE_ BASE: specifies the toot of the Oracle Database directory tree in all platforms

D. ORACLE_ BASE: specifies the directory containing the Oracle software executables and network file

E. ORACLE_HOME: specifies the root of the Oracle Database directory tree only in UNIX and Linux platforms

F. ORACLE_HOME: specifies the directory containing only the Oracle software executables but not the network files

Answer: A,D,E

Q10. Choose three areas for which Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Enterprise Manager offer tools that can recommended solutions on optimal implementation.

A. Indexes

B. Compression

C. Data recovery

D. Data block size

E. CPU usage

F. Availability

Answer: A,B,E

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