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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

New Questions 8

Which technology can enable multiple VLANs to communicate with one another?

A. inter-VLAN routing using a Layer 3 switch

B. inter-VLAN routing using a Layer 2 switch

C. intra-VLAN routing using router on a stick

D. intra-VLAN routing using a Layer 3 switch

Answer: A

New Questions 9

If router R1 knows a static route to a destination network and then learn about the same destination network through a dynamic routing protocol, how does R1 respond?

A. It sends a withdrawal notification to the neighboring router.

B. It refuses to advertise the dynamic route to other neighbors.

C. It disables the routing protocol.

D. It prefers the static route.

Answer: D

New Questions 10

Which two switch states are valid for 802.1w? (Choose two.)

A. listening

B. backup

C. disabled

D. learning

E. discarding

Answer: D,E

Explanation: Port States

There are only three port states left in RSTP that correspond to the three possible operational states. The 802.1D disabled, blocking, and listening states are merged into a unique 802.1w discarding state.

New Questions 11

The enable secret command is used to secure access to which CLI mode?

A. global configuration mode

B. privileged EXEC mode

C. user EXEC mode

D. auxiliary setup mode

Answer: B

New Questions 12

Which step in the router boot process searches for an IOS image to load into the router?

A. bootstrap


C. mini-IOS

D. ROMMON mode

Answer: A

New Questions 13

Which two statements about IPv6 and routing protocols are true? (Choose two.)

A. Link-local addresses are used to form routing adjacencies.

B. OSPFv3 was developed to support IPv6 routing.

C. EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP are the only routing protocols that support IPv6.

D. Loopback addresses are used to form routing adjacencies.

E. EIGRPv3 was developed to support IPv6 routing.

Answer: A,B

New Questions 14

Which feature builds a FIB and an adjacency table to expedite packet forwarding?

A. Cisco Express Forwarding

B. process switching

C. fast switching

D. cut-through

Answer: A

New Questions 15

Which two components are used to identify a neighbor in a BGP configuration? (Choose two.)

A. autonomous system number

B. version number

C. router ID

D. subnet mask

E. IP address

Answer: A,E


Use theshow ip bgp neighbors(registeredcustomers only)command to display information about the TCP and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) connections and verify if the BGP peer is established. The output of theshow ip bgp neighborscommand below shows the BGP state as 'Established', which indicates that the BGP peer relationship has been established successfully.

R1-AGS#show ip bgp neighbors | include BGP

BGP neighbor is10.10.10.2, remote AS 400,internal link

BGP version 4, remote router ID BGP state = Established, up for 00:04:20 BGP table version 1, neighbor version 1 R1-AGS#

Theshow ip bgp neighborscommand has been used above with the modifier| include BGP. This makes the output more readable by filtering the the command output and displaying the relevant parts only.

In addition, theshow ip bgp summary(registeredcustomers only)command can also be used to display the status of all BGP connections, as shown below.

R1-AGS(9)#show ip bgp summary

BGP router identifier, local AS number 400 BGP table version is 1, main routing table version 1

Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd 4 400 3 3 1 0 0 00:00:26 0

New Questions 16

Which protocol advertises a virtual IP address to facilitate transparent failover of a Cisco routing device?





Answer: A

New Questions 17

In which two formats can the IPv6 address fd15:0db8:0000:0000:0700:0003:400F:572B be written? (Choose two.)

A. fd15:0db8:0000:0000:700:3:400F:527B

B. fd15::db8::700:3:400F:527B

C. fd15:db8:0::700:3:4F:527B

D. fd15:0db8::7:3:4F:527B

E. fd15:db8::700:3:400F:572B

Answer: A,E

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