200-530 lab(161 to 170) for consumer: Jun 2016 Edition

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2016 Jun 200-530 practice exam

Q161. Which of the following statements about Reflection are correct? (Choose 2) 

A. Since 5.1 reflection is an extension that can be disabled 

B. Reflection is present in any installation of PHP 5 or later 

C. Reflection only allows to reflect on built-in classes 

D. Built-in classes can be reflected on command line using php –rc <classname> 

Answer: AD

Q162. What is the content of $c after the following code has executed? 

$a = 2; 

$b = 3; $c = ($a++ * ++$b); 

A. 0 

B. 5 

C. 8 

D. 4 

Answer: C

Q163. $_SERVER consists of data provided by the web server and is therefore trustworthy. 



Answer: B

Q164. What is the error in the following declaration of a static class method? 

1 <?php 

2 class car { 

3 static $speeds = array( 

4 'fast', 

5 'slow', 

6 'medium', 

7 ); 

9 static function getSpeeds() 

10 { 

11 return $this->speeds; 

12 } 

13 } 

14 ?> 

A. Static methods must not return a value. 

B. The use of $this from within static methods is not possible. 

C. Static methods need the method keyword instead of the function keyword. 

D. There is no static keyword in PHP. 

Answer: B

Q165. You want to parse a URL into its single parts. Which function do you choose? 

A. parse_url() 

B. url_parse() 

C. get_url_parts() 

D. geturlparts() 

Answer: A

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Q166. Consider the following table data and PHP code. What is the outcome? 

Table data (table name "users" with primary key "Id"): 

A. The database will return no rows 

B. The value of $result will be an array 

C. The value of $result will be empty 

D. The value of $result will be 'gamma@exmple.net'. 

Answer: D

Q167. Which of the following statements is NOT true? 

a) Class constants are public b) Class constants are being inherited c) Class constants can omit initialization (default to NULL) d) Class constants can be initialized by consts 

A. a) 

B. b) 

C. c) 

D. d) 

Answer: C

Q168. When a browser requests an image identified by an img tag, it never sends a Cookie header. 



Answer: B

Q169. Which of the following configuration directives increase the risk of remote code injection when enabled? (Choose 2) 

A. allow_url_fopen 

B. register_globals 

C. magic_quotes_gpc 

D. safe_mode 

Answer: AB

Q170. Which of the following keywords is not new in PHP 5? 

A. implements 

B. instanceof 

C. static 

D. abstract 

Answer: C

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