250-315 answers(71 to 80) for candidates: Jun 2016 Edition

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Q71. Which step should the administrator take? 

A. install a LiveUpdate Administrator Server 

B. install a Shared Insight Cache Server 

C. install a Group Update Provider (GUP) to the existing site 

D. install a Symantec Protection Center 

Answer: D 

Q72. A company has a small number of systems in their Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) group with federal mandates that AntiVirus definitions undergo a two week testing period. After being loaded on the client, the tested virus definitions must remain unchanged on the client systems until the next set of virus definitions have completed testing. All other clients must remain operational on the most recent definition sets. An internal LiveUpdate Server has been considered as too expensive to be a solution for this company. 

What should be modified on the SEPM to meet this mandate? 

A. The LiveUpdate Settings policy for this group should be modified to use an Explicit Group Update Provider. 

B. The LiveUpdate Content policy for this group should be modified to use a specific definition revision. 

C. The SEPM site LiveUpdate settings should be modified so the Number of content revisions to keep is set to 1. 

D. The SEPM site LiveUpdate settings should be modified so the Number of content revisions to keep is set to 14. 

Answer: B 

Q73. A system running Symantec Endpoint Protection is assigned to a group with client user interface control settings set to mixed mode with Auto-Protect options set to Client. The user on the system is unable to turn off Auto-Protect. 

What is the likely cause of this problem? 

A. Tamper protection is enabled. 

B. System Lockdown is enabled. 

C. Application and Device Control is configured. 

D. The padlock on the enable Auto-Protect option is locked. 

Answer: D 

Q74. Which Symantec Endpoint Protection Management (SEPM) database option is the default

for deployments of fewer than 1,000 clients?

A. EmbeddeD. Using the Sybase SQL Anywhere database that comes with the product

B. On SEPM: Installing Microsoft SQL on the same server as the SEPM

C. External to SEPM: Using a preexisting Microsoft SQL server in the environment

D. EmbeddeD. Using the Microsoft SQL database that comes with the product

Answer: A

Q75. A company receives a high number of reports from users that files being downloaded from internal web servers are blocked. The Symantec Endpoint Protection administrator verifies that the Automatically trust any file downloaded from an intranet website option is enabled. 

Which configuration can cause Insight to block the files being downloaded from the internal web servers? 

A. Intrusion Prevention is disabled. 

B. Local intranet zone is configured incorrectly on the Windows clients browser settings. 

C. Local intranet zone is configured incorrectly on the Mac clients browser settings. 

D. Virus and Spyware Definitions are out of date. 

Answer: B 

250-315  exam answers

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Q76. An organization employs laptop users who travel frequently. The organization needs to acquire log data from these Symantec Endpoint Protection clients periodically. This must happen without the use of a VPN. 

Internet routable traffic should be allowed to and from which component? 

A. Group Update Provider (GUP) 

B. LiveUpdate Administrator Server (LUA) 

C. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) 

D. IT Analytics Server (ITA) 

Answer: C 

Q77. Which action must a Symantec Endpoint Protection administrator take before creating custom Intrusion Prevention signatures? 

A. change the custom signature order 

B. create a Custom Intrusion Prevention Signature library 

C. define signature variables 

D. enable signature logging 

Answer: B 

Q78. Which object in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console describes the most

granular level to which a policy can be assigned?

A. Group

B. Computer

C. User 

D. Client 

Answer: A 

Q79. What is a valid Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) single site design?

A. Multiple MySQL databases

B. One Microsoft SQL Server database

C. One Microsoft SQL Express database

D. Multiple embedded databases

Answer: A

Q80. In addition to performance improvements, which two benefits does Insight provide? (Select two.) 

A. Reputation scoring for documents 

B. Zero-day threat detection 

C. Protection against malicious java scripts 

D. False positive mitigation 

E. Blocking of malicious websites 

Answer: B,D 

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