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Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
Certification Provider: VMware
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2016 May 2V0-621 Study Guide Questions:

Q181. When a Content Library is deleted, what happens to the files contained on the backing storage? 

A. The files will be unchanged. 

B. The files will be deleted. 

C. The files will remain and be marked as orphaned. 

D. The containing folder will be marked as orphaned. 

Answer: B 

Q182. A failed upgrade from vCenter Server version 5.x to version 6.0 produces the following error: 

[00800 error 'Default'] Database version id '600' is incompatible with this release of VirtualCenter. 

What is the cause of the upgrade failure? 

A. There was a database schema upgrade failure during the installation. 

B. The VMWAREVCMSDS service was upgraded before the vCenter Server service. 

C. The VMware Directory Service database failed during the installation. 

D. There was an incompatible ODBC driver version for the database. 

Answer: A 

Q183. An administrator has upgraded a Distributed vCenter Server environment from 5.5 to 6.0. 

What is the next step that should be taken? 

A. vCenter Inventory Service must be manually stopped and removed. 

B. vCenter Inventory Service must be changed from manual to automatic. 

C. vCenter Inventory Service must be manually stopped and restarted. 

D. vCenter Inventory Service must be changed from automatic to manual. 

Answer: A 

Q184. Refer to the Exhibit. 

The list of devices attached to vmhba1 will be the basis for configuring a VMware Virtual SAN using Manual Mode. 

Based on the exhibit, which two combinations of devices should be used to create Disk Group(s)? (Choose two.) 

A. One Disk Group with one Flash Drive and three HDDs 

B. Two Disk Groups with one Flash Drive and two HDDs each 

C. One Disk Group with one Flash Drive and four HDDs 

D. Two Disk Groups with two Flash Drives and four HDDs each 

Answer: A,B 

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Q185. Which three services can be enabled/disabled in the Security Profile for an ESXi host? (Choose three.) 

A. CIM Server 

B. Single Sign-On 

C. Direct Console UI 

D. Syslog Server 

E. vSphere Web Access 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q186. An administrator wants to allow users to login to the vSphere Web Client using the Use Windows session authentication check box for faster authentication. 

Which three requirements must be met for this feature to be available and functional? (Choose three.) 

A. Install the vSphere Web Client Integration browser plug-in on the vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller machines. 

B. Install the vSphere Web Client Integration browser plug-in on each workstation from where a user will sign in. 

C. The users must be signed into Windows using Active Directory user accounts. 

D. The administrator must create a valid Identity Source in Single Sign-On for the users domain. 

E. The administrator must create a valid Single Sign-On Identity Source using Integrated Windows Authentication. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q187. Which VMware Single Sign-On component issues Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens? 

A. VMware Security Token Service 

B. Administration Server 

C. VMware Directory Service 

D. Identity Management Service 

Answer: A 

Q188. An administrator would like to use a passphrase for their ESXi 6.x hosts which has these characteristics: 

. Minimum of 21 characters 

. Minimum of 2 words 

Which advanced options must be set to allow this passphrase configuration to be used? 

A. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 7, 21, 7 passphrase=2 

B. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 7, 7 passphrase=2 

C. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 2, 21, 7 

D. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 21, 2 

Answer: B 

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Q189. An administrator is configuring the clock tolerance for the Single Sign-On token configuration policy and wants to define the time skew tolerance between a client and the domain controller clock. 

Which time measurement is used for the value? 

A. Milliseconds 

B. Seconds 

C. Minutes 

D. Hours 

Answer: A 

Q190. Which file determines the location of the installation script during a scripted upgrade? 

A. boot.cfg 

B. ks.cfg 

C. script.cfg 

D. upgrade.cfg 

Answer: A 

Q191. An administrator wants to select a Host Power Management Policy for an ESXi 6.x host that will disable most hardware power management features. 

Which Host Power Management Policy should be selected to meet this requirement? 

A. High Performance 

B. Balanced 

C. Low Power 

D. Disabled 

Answer: A 

Q192. Which Advanced Setting should be created for the vCenter Server to change the expiration policy of the vpxuser password? 

A. VimPasswordExpirationInDays 

B. VimExpirationPasswordDays 

C. VimPassExpirationInDays 

D. VimPasswordRefreshDays 

Answer: A 

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