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Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
a Cisco Unified Communications Manager engineer configured CCD in two clusters. The patterns were successfully learned, however, the call attempt from the cluster 1 agent to the cluster 2 agent fails. Based on the output of this cluster 1 trace, what is the root cause of the issue?

  • A. The CCD partition is missing from the CCD Requesting Service configuration
  • B. The CSS is missing from the phones and line configuration
  • C. The Activated Feature check in the CCD Requesting Service configuration is missing
  • D. The pattern that was dialed has been added to the Blocked Learned Pattern configuration

Answer: B

You are experiencing bad video quality in calls, and you suspect packet loss in the network. Both the network switch and the collaboration endpoint network interfaces are set to autonegotiation, but the reported port speed and duplex settings do not match. Which action should you take?

  • A. Set the collaboration endpoint to use a manual speed and duplex setting of 100 Mbps anDFull duplex, and keep the switch port setting as "auto."
  • B. Configure the switch port to use a manual speed and duplex setting of 100 Mbps and half duplex, and keep the collaboration endpoint setting as "auto."
  • C. Keep both the switch port and collaboration endpoint settings as "auto," because this configuration is not responsible for the mismatched settings that were reported.
  • D. Set both the collaboration endpoint and the switch port to use manual speed and duplex settings of 100 Mbps anDFull duplex.

Answer: D

Which two items are displayed by checking the VCS via Status > Registration? (Choose two.)

  • A. device pool
  • B. endpoint name
  • C. device type
  • D. device description
  • E. endpoint MAC address

Answer: BC

Which two behaviors are correct when Cisco Unified CM has a CallManager group that consists of two subscribers? (Choose two.)

  • A. If a subscriber is rebooted, endpoint registrations switch to the other subscriber, then switch back when the rebooted subscriber is back in service.
  • B. Endpoints attempt to register with both subscribers in a load-balanced method
  • C. If a subscriber is rebooted, endpoints deregister until the rebooted subscriber is back in service
  • D. Endpoints attempt to register with the bottom subscriber in the list
  • E. Endpoints attempt to register with the top subscriber in the list

Answer: AE

After an IP Phone gets IP address information from DHCP, what is the next step in the initialization process?

  • A. CTL and ITL files are downloaded.
  • B. The phone requests its VLAN information.
  • C. The DHCP offer is sent from the phone
  • D. The TFTP server is contacted for configuration information.
  • E. Nothing else is required, the phone is operational at this stage

Answer: D

You are troubleshooting video quality issues on a Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series system. Which CLI command shows the total number of lost video packets and the received jitter during a Call in progress?

  • A. show call statistics video
  • B. show call statistics all
  • C. show call statistics detail
  • D. show call statistics video detail

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
An IP phone that is connected through a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch is failing to register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. When the user presses the settings button on the phone, the Operational VLAN ID shows ABlank entry. What is the most likely cause for this issue?

  • A. The switch may not be supplying inline power.
  • B. The spanning tree portfast command needs to be removed.
  • C. The trunk encapsulation is missin
  • D. The trunk must be configureDFor dot1.Q.
  • E. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the switch.
  • F. The Operational VLAN ID of the phone always shows as blan
  • G. The Admi
  • H. VLAN ID should be 110.

Answer: D

A system administrator observes that settings on an endpoint revert to unknown values every day, without the administrator’s knowledge.
What are two likely causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Persistent settings on the endpoint are causing the issue.
  • B. A persistent template is applieDFor the endpoint on the TMS.
  • C. The external server periodically restores the configuration on the endpoint.
  • D. The TMS reverts the configuration backup of the endpoint.
  • E. The endpoint can be set periodically revert to a specific configuration.

Answer: AD

When a user attempts to log out from Cisco Extension Mobility service by pressing the services button and selecting the Cisco Extension Mobility service, the user is not able to log out. What is causing this issue?

  • A. The Cisco Extension Mobility service has not been configured on the phone.
  • B. The user device profile is not subscribed to the Cisco Extension Mobility service.
  • C. The CTI service is not running.
  • D. The logout URL that is defineDFor the Cisco Extension Mobility service is incorrect or does not exist under the IP Phone Services configuration.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
A roaming device retains its home location device pool settings, even though all configuration settings are in place. What is causing this issue?

  • A. The device mobility group settings are incorrect.
  • B. The device mobility mode service parameter is set to Off.
  • C. The device mobility mode service parameter is set to True.
  • D. The device mobility information entry matches the device IP address.

Answer: B

What is the default maximum login time for a user in Cisco Extension Mobility?

  • A. 1 hour
  • B. 2 hours
  • C. 4 hours
  • D. 8 hours
  • E. 10 hours
  • F. 12 hours
  • G. 4 hours
  • H. 8 hours
  • I. 10 hours
  • J. 12 hours
  • K. 8 hours
  • L. 10 hours
  • M. 12 hours
  • N. 10 hours
  • O. 12 hours
  • P. 12 hours

Answer: D

Refer to Exhibit:
300-080 dumps exhibit
What was the cause for the call termination?

  • A. No route to called number
  • B. Outbound gateway was not found
  • C. Calling party abandoned the call
  • D. Called party cancelled the call
  • E. Call completed successfully

Answer: C

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager troubleshooting tool can be used to determine the digit
manipulation path a Call takes within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system from the perspective of a specific directory number, without having the actual device at hand?

  • A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability
  • B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer
  • C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Real Time Monitoring Tool
  • D. Cisco Unified Syslog Viewer
  • E. Cisco IOS debugs

Answer: B

An engineer integrated a voice gateway with Cisco Unified Communications Manager using H.323, but the calls through it are failing. Which debug command helps isolate this issue?

  • A. debug call-mgmt
  • B. debug ras
  • C. debug voip ccapi inout
  • D. debug mgcp errors
  • E. debug ccsip error

Answer: C

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager tool can you use to troubleshoot issues with international calling?

  • A. Cisco Prime
  • B. Cisco Deployment Tool
  • C. RTMT
  • D. Dialed Number Analyzer

Answer: C

An inbound call from the PSTN is not reaching the directory number that it is calling. When the PSTN phone calls the correct DID, only a dial tone is heard. Which command resolves this issue?

  • A. (config-dial-peer)#direct-inward-dial
  • B. (config-controller)# no provide-outside-dialtone
  • C. (config-if)#no dial-tone
  • D. (config-dial-peer)# no dial-tone
  • E. (config-if)#direct-inward-dial
  • F. (config) allow inbound dial-peer 1

Answer: A

Which meaning does the universal keyword have in this dspfarm profile configuration?
300-080 dumps exhibit

  • A. The profile allocates DSP resources in flexible mode.
  • B. The profile allows transcoding between any configured codecs.
  • C. The profile can be used not only as transcoder but also as MTP.
  • D. No special meaning, this is the default setting.

Answer: B

You have been presented with a trouble ticket from an end user who works at a remote location that is served by a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. The user reports being unable to place calls to international numbers, but all other calls work properly and other users at this location can place international calls. Which two troubleshooting techniques would be helpful in resolving this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco IOS debug tools
  • B. Class of Restriction baseline configuration for the user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • C. show output of the ephone anDEphone-dn configurations
  • D. show output of the voice translation rules in the voice gateway
  • E. show output for the T1 controller and voice port configuration in the voice gateway

Answer: AB

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