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Refer to topology and Exhibits below:
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
From the perspective of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what is the status of the MGCP gateway?

  • A. registered
  • B. unknown
  • C. registering
  • D. initializing

Answer: C

An end user at a remote site is trying to initiate an Ad Hoc conference call to an end user at the main site. The conference bridge is configured to support G.711. Remote user's phone only supports G.729. The remote end user receives an error message on the phone: "Cannot Complete Conference Call." What is one cause of the issue?

  • A. The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned.
  • B. A software conference bridge is not assigned.
  • C. A Media Termination Point is missing.
  • D. The transcoder resource is missing.

Answer: D

Users of your local Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster report that they receive error “Login is unavailable (23)” when they try to log in to Extension Mobility. Which reason for this error is true?

  • A. User provided the wrong UserID or PIN
  • B. User has no Extension Mobility profiles assigned.
  • C. The given user ID is not found n any of the remote clusters.
  • D. Phone is not subscribed to Extension Mobility phone service.

Answer: C

When a remote endpoint dials in to join a Conference that is configured on a Cisco TelePresence Server bridge, the endpoint receives only audio. Other users can successfully join the call with Voice and Video. What is causing this issue?

  • A. The endpoint does not have the multisite option installed.
  • B. The endpoint does not have the partition of the bridge in its CSS.
  • C. The bridge is out of all licenses.
  • D. The endpoint is assigned a region without enough configured bandwidth for video.
  • E. The bridge is not able to host video calls.

Answer: D

Some users report that they cannot dial out from headquarters on their Cisco IP Phones to PSTN users, but others can. Which troubleshooting approach is the most direct to isolate the source of the failure of the users that cannot dial out to the PSTN?

  • A. Use DNA to analyze the dialing permissions of the Cisco IP Phones.
  • B. Use DNA to generate actual calls to the PSTN.
  • C. Use RTMT to analyze the dialing permissions of the Cisco IP Phones.
  • D. Use RTMT to generate actual calls to the PSTN.

Answer: A

After a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system is installed, users report problems when more than four users attempt to join a Meet-Me conference. Which parameter should you increase?

  • A. Maximum Ad Hoc Conference, Call Manager Service Parameter
  • B. Maximum Ad Hoc Conference, Enterprise Parameters Configuration
  • C. Maximum Meet-Me Conference, Call Manager Service Parameter
  • D. Maximum Meet-Me Conference, Enterprise Parameters Configuration

Answer: C

Which configuration can be dynamically set using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Device Mobility feature?

  • A. phone model and protocol
  • B. SRST reference and directory number
  • C. CSS and local gateway
  • D. partition and CSS
  • E. media resources and permanent bridges

Answer: C

Which two types of call causes the user to hear the reorder tone? (Choose two.)

  • A. call to a number that is working but is unlisted
  • B. restricted call
  • C. call using a non-Cisco phone
  • D. call to a number that has been blocked
  • E. unrestricted call

Answer: AB

Which two statements about software MTP devices are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The RTMT can monitor the number of registered and in-use MTPs.
  • B. A single MTP can register with multiple Cisco Unified Communications Managers.
  • C. Each server can support up to four instances of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application.
  • D. The Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application can reduce the performance of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager if it is installed on the same server.
  • E. When you configure and restart the MTP, the changes are applied immediately to active calls.
  • F. When you configure and reset the MTP, the changes are applied immediately to active calls.

Answer: AE

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is deployed in a head office and also provides telephony services to remote regional offices. What is a possible cause of call setup issues with phones in the regional offices?

  • A. remote office firmware for phones
  • B. codec mismatch in region information settings
  • C. end user roles and groups
  • D. physical location configuration

Answer: B

A user takes an IP phone from one office to another and just called you to inform that the phone does not work in the new location. Which three things should you check to resolve the issue? (Choose three)

  • A. Make sure that the device mobility information contains the correct IP subnet information.
  • B. Make sure that physical locations are properly assigned under device pools.
  • C. Recreate the phone under a new cluster.
  • D. Make sure that the device pool is assigned to a device mobility group.
  • E. Reconfigure the remote destination profile.
  • F. Check whether the phone is registered under a different MAC address.
  • G. Check the local DHCP information for possible clues.

Answer: ABG

Which statement indicates something that can cause an inbound PSTN call to an H.323 gateway that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fail to ring an IP phone?

  • A. The gateway is not registered in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • B. The gateway IP address that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not matchthe IP address that is configured at the gateway in the h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr command.
  • C. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not have a matching route pattern to match the called number.
  • D. The gateway is missing the command allow-connections h323 to h323 under the voice service voip configuration.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
Cisco Unified Communication Manager has been configured with a SAF Security Profile and a SAF Forwarder. In which section of the R1 router configuration should the SAF Forwarder password be entered?

  • A. interface loopback 0
  • B. router eigrp saf
  • C. service-family external client
  • D. service-family ipv4

Answer: C

An engineer is troubleshooting an issue where aliases that contain an identity “” are unable to
register with an endpoint due to an entry in the registration restriction configuration in Expressway-E. Where is the alias being blocked in Expressway-E?

  • A. regex list
  • B. hunt list
  • C. black list
  • D. allow list

Answer: C

You are receiving complaints of pixilation, smearing, and pulsing of video calls between two offices that are connected by a WAN. Assuming that QoS is implemented on the WAN connection, which classification should you use to mark the video traffic, according to the Cisco QoS baseline?

  • A. CS6
  • B. CS2
  • C. AF41
  • D. AF31
  • E. EF
  • F. CS3

Answer: C

An Extension Mobility user successfully logs in to an Extension Mobility (Hoteling) phone, but now the user cannot log in to an addition^ Extension Mobility (Hoteling)) phone. Why is the user unable to log in to the nest phone?

  • A. The user is set for autologout for Extension Mobility.
  • B. The user is set to a maximum of one login.
  • C. The user does not have login privileges for the new phone
  • D. The user does not have permission to use Extension Mobility
  • E. The first phone does not have a logout button, due to an incorrect phone button template.
  • F. The user is not set to allow multiple logins.

Answer: B

After you deploy a new Cisco Collaboration solution, users report echoes and choppy voice quality. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Upgrade the Cisco IOS version anDFlash memory on the Cisco IOS router.
  • B. Deploy additional hardware resources
  • C. Deploy an echo canceller.
  • D. Upgrade Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • E. Enable QoS on the network.

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
An engineer recently configured a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. The
users are reporting that extensions starting with 10 are routing to a different office. Based on the output, what is the root cause of the issue?

  • A. The destination partition is missing from the assigned calling search space
  • B. Urgent priority is chosen on a translation or route pattern
  • C. The incorrect calling search space was assigned to the phones
  • D. The extension is a shared line, and one of the phones is unregistered

Answer: A

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