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2016 Jun proaqua tm 300-320 cisco:

Q101. Which of these is a recommended practice with trunks? 

A. use ISL encapsulation 

B. use 802.1q encapsulation 

C. set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiation 

D. use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the network 

Answer: B 

Q102. Which protocol is used in an in-band network and why? 

A. UDP, because it is connectionless 

B. SSH, because the username and password are encrypted 

C. Telnet, because the username and password are sent in clear 

D. MSDP, because it uses TCP as its transport protocol 

Answer: B 

Q103. Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator has the following requirements? 

. Multiple physical gateways participating simultaneously in packet forwarding. 

. All hosts in the VLAN configured with the same default gateway address. 





Answer: D 

Q104. A network administrator wants to provide high availability in a data center environment by making sure that there is no reconvergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols when there is a Layer 3 switch failure..Which Cisco Nexus feature fulfills this purpose? 



C. vPC 


Answer: C 

Q105. A network engineer must provide 40mb connections from the data center to the corporate office and two remote offices. What WAN connectivity option will outsource the routing in cooperation with the service provider? 

A. Ethernet Private Line 

B. Ethernet Multipoint Service 



Answer: C 

300-320  exam answers

Refresh 300-320 arch exam:

Q106. What three benefits exist when utilizing Cisco Nexus technology for implementing a unified fabric design? (Choose three.) 

A. reduced cabling 

B. fewer adapters 

C. consolidated switching 

D. increased bandwidth 

E. enhanced redundancy 

F. improved convergence 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q107. What is the recommended subnet between two sites that have a point-to-point connection to conserve IP addresses? 





Answer: C 

Q108. Which option is.correct when.using VSS to combine two physical switches into one logical switch? 

A. Both data planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

B. Only one data plane forwards traffic, while the other data plane is on standby. 

C. Both control planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

D. Control planes are combined into one virtual control plane. 

Answer: D 

Q109. A network engineer wants to connect two sites via a WAN technology and to securely pass multicast traffic over this WAN technology. Which WAN technology should be configured? 

A. IPsec 


C. pure MPLS 

D. GRE over IPsec 

Answer: D 

Q110. What are two benefits of using 6to4 as an IPv6 transition method? (Choose two.) 

A. 6to4 tunnels allow isolated IPv6 domains to be remotely connected over IPv4 networks. 

B. Manual configuration (scalability) is easier. 

C. Point-to-multipoint automatic tunneling (automatic 6to4) is available. 

D. An infinite number of address spaces are allocated to an IPv6 subnet. 

E. Globally unique IPv4 addresses are not required. 

Answer: A,C 

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