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Exam Name: ARCH Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Certification Provider: Cisco
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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q1. The network engineering team for a large university must increase the security within the core of the network by ensuring that IP traffic only originates from a network segment that is assigned to that interface in the routing table. Which technology must be chosen to accomplish this requirement?

A. VLAN access control lists

B. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding

C. Intrusion prevention system

D. ARP inspection

Answer: A

Q2. Which protocol does VPLS use to tunnel layer 2 ethernet frames?


B. L2TPv3

C. L2TPv1


Answer: A

Q3. An engineer is designing a Layer 3-enabled access layer. Which design recommendation must the engineer consider when deploying EIGRP routing within the access layer?

A. Use the First Hop Redundancy Protocol on access layer switches.

B. Implement floating static routes on access switches for redundant links.

C. Enable multiple uplinks from each access switch stack to the distribution switches.

D. Configure all edge access layer switches to use a stub routing feature.

Answer: D

Q4. Transition to Named EIGRP without causing an outage?

A. router eigrp NAME

B. router eigrp 1 named NAME

C. router eigrp 1

eigrp upgrade-cli NAME

D. interface fa0/1

ip router eigrp 1 named NAME

Answer: C

Q5. Which two technologies that can be used to connect data centers over an IP network and provide

layer 2 LAN extension?




D. Fabric Path


Answer: B,E

Q6. A network manager wants all remote sites to be designed to communicate with each other using DMVPN technology without traffic being routed through hub router. What should use?





Answer: B

Q7. A network engineer designing an access layer that requires all uplinks to be active, furthermore, VLANs must span across the entire switch block. Which two design fulfill this requirement? (Choose two)

A. Layer 2 Flex Links

B. Layer 2 loop-free inverted U

C. Layer 2 loop square

D. Layer 2 loop-free U

Answer: B,C

Q8. Design QoS (traffic regulation mechanisms ? )(Choose Two)

A. Classification

B. Shaping

C. Policing

D. Queuing

Answer: B,C

Q9. In what situation must spanning-tree be implemented?

A. When redundant Layer 2 links, that are not part of a single EtherChannel or bundle, exist between distribution switches

B. When redundant Layer 3 links, that are not part of a single EtherChannel or bundle, exist between distribution switches

C. Between Distribution and Core switches when interfaces are configured with "no switchport"

D. Between Distribution and Core switches when VSS is configured

Answer: A

Q10. What location are security policies enforced in ACI?

A. leaf

B. spine

C. core

D. distribution

Answer: A

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