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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

New Questions 8

Which two design recommendations are most appropriate when EIGRP is the data center core routing protocol? (Choose two.)

A. Summarize data center subnets.

B. Use passive interfaces to ensure appropriate adjacencies.

C. Tune the EIGRP timers to enable EIGRP to achieve quicker convergence.

D. Adjust the default bandwidth value to ensure proper bandwidth on all links.

E. Advertise a default summary route into the data center core from the aggregation layer.

Answer: A,B


"Here are some recommendations on EIGRP design for the data center core layer:

u2022 Advertise a default summary route into the data center access layer with the ip summary- address eigrp interface command on the aggregation layer.

u2022 If other default routes exist in the network, such as from the Internet edge, you might need to filter them using distribute lists.

u2022 Summarize the data center access layer subnets with the ip summary-address eigrp interface command from the aggregation layer.

u2022 Use the passive-interface default command, and advertise only on the links that need to participate in the routing process using the no passive-interface interface command."

New Questions 9

A network design team tasked to address congestion, QoS has been implemented but no longer effective?

A. Bundle additional uplinks into logical etherchannels

B. Configure selective packet discard to drop non-critical network traffic

C. Implement highspeed uplink interfaces

D. Reconfigure QoS based on intserv

E. Utilize random early detection

Answer: A,C

New Questions 10

Which ISP technology can be implemented as a service when designing a topology to perform extranet

connectivity via multitenant segmentation from within a corporate intranet?

A. Cisco Easy VPN

B. GRE over IPsec




Answer: C

New Questions 11

Which STP feature allows an access port to bypass the learning and listening?

A. PortFast

B. BPDU Guard

C. BPDU Filter

D. UplinkFast

Answer: A

New Questions 12

What are three primary components in IS-IS fast convergence? (Choose three.)

A. event propagation

B. LSP flooding

C. fast hellos

D. matching MTUs

E. updating RIB and FIB

F. SPF calculation

Answer: A,E,F

Topic 4, Exam Pool D (Latest Question Set)

258.Which protocols support 10 and 40 Gb interfaces? (Choose two)





New Questions 13

Which command can you enter to inject BGP routes into an IGP?

A. redistribute bgp

B. redistribute static

C. redistribute static subnet

D. default-information originate

Answer: A

New Questions 14

Which STP feature can prevent other switches on the network from becoming the root

switch, but still allow that interface to participate in STP otherwise?

A. Root Guard

B. Loop Guard

C. BPDU Guard

D. BPDU Filter

Answer: A

New Questions 15

CORRECT TEXTWhat is the characteristic of bidirectional PIM?


Explicitly builds shared bidirectional trees.

New Questions 16

When designing layer 2 STP based LAN with FHRP, what design recommendation should be


A. Assign STP root with active FHRP device

B. Assign native VLAN to lowest number in use

C. Avoid configuring router preempt

D. Avoid modifying STP & FHRP default timers

Answer: A

New Questions 17

A large-scale IP SLA deployment is causing memory and CPU shortages on the router in an enterprise network. Which solution can be implemented to mitigate

these issues? (E)

A. An offline router for disaster recovery

B. CPE device that is managed by the network provider

C. A shadow router

D. A standby router for failover operation

Answer: C

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