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You are tasked to perform a penetration test. While you are performinginformation gathering, you find ab employee list in Google. You find receptionist’s email, and you send her an email changing the source email to her boss’s email ( boss@company ). In this email, you ask for a pdf with information. She reads your email and sends back a pdf with links. You exchange the pdf links with your malicious links (these links contain malware) and send back the modified pdf, saying that the links don’t work. She reads your email, opens the links, and her machine gets infected.
What testing method did you use?

  • A. Piggybacking
  • B. Tailgating
  • C. Evesdropping
  • D. Social engineering

Answer: D

Which of the following security operations is used for determining the attack surface of an organization?

  • A. Reviewing the need for a security clearance for each employee
  • B. Running a network scan to detect network services in the corporate DMZ
  • C. Training employees on the security policy regarding social engineering
  • D. Using configuration management to determine when and where to apply security patches

Answer: B

It is a short-range wireless communication technology intended to replace the cables connecting portables of fixed deviceswhile maintaining high levels of security. It allows mobile phones, computers and other devices to connect and communicate using a short- range wireless connection.
Which of the following terms best matches the definition?

  • A. Bluetooth
  • B. Radio-Frequency Identification
  • C. WLAN
  • D. InfraRed

Answer: A

You are performing a penetration test. You achieved access via a bufferoverflow exploit and you proceed to find interesting data, such as files with usernames and passwords. You find a hidden folder that has the administrator’s bank account password and login information for the administrator’s bitcoin account.
What should you do?

  • A. Do not transfer the money but steal the bitcoins.
  • B. Report immediately to the administrator.
  • C. Transfer money from the administrator’s account to another account.
  • D. Do not report it and continue the penetration test.

Answer: B

Ricardo wants to send secret messages to acompetitor company. To secure these messages, he uses a technique of hiding a secret message within an ordinary message, the technique provides 'security through obscurity'. What technique is Ricardo using?

  • A. RSA algorithm
  • B. Steganography
  • C. Encryption
  • D. Public-key cryptography

Answer: B

You have successfully compromised a machine on the network and found a server that is alive on the same network. You tried to ping but you didn’t get any response back.
What is happening?

  • A. TCP/IP doesn’t support ICMP.
  • B. ICMP could be disabled on the target server.
  • C. The ARP is disabled on the target server.
  • D. You need to run the ping command with root privileges.

Answer: A

As a Certified Ethical hacker, you were contracted by aprivate firm to conduct an external security assessment through penetration testing.
What document describes the specified of the testing, the associated violations, and essentially protects both the organization’s interest and your li abilities as a tester?

  • A. Term of Engagement
  • B. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • C. Project Scope
  • D. Service Level Agreement

Answer: B

Which of the following is a command line packet analyzer similar to GUI-based Wireshark?

  • A. Jack the ripper
  • B. nessus
  • C. tcpdump
  • D. ethereal

Answer: C

Which of the following is one of the most effective ways to prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) flaws in software applications?

  • A. Verity access right before allowing access to protected information and UI controls
  • B. Use security policies and procedures to define and implement proper security settings
  • C. Validate and escape all information sent over to a server
  • D. Use digital certificates to authenticate a server prior to sending data

Answer: A

Port scanning can be used as part of a technical assessment to determine network vulnerabilities. The TCP XMAS scan is used to identify listening port on the targeted system.
If a scanned port is open, what happens?

  • A. The port will ignore the packets.
  • B. The port will send an RST.
  • C. The port will send an ACK.
  • D. The port will send a SYN.

Answer: A

A company’s Web development team has become aware ofa certain type of security vulnerability in their Web software. To mitigate the possibility of this vulnerability being exploited, the team wants to modify the software requirements to disallow users from entering HTML as input into their Web application.
What kind of web application vulnerability likely exists in their software?

  • A. Web site defacement vulnerability
  • B. SQL injection vulnerability
  • C. Cross-site Scripting vulnerability
  • D. Cross-site Request Forgery vulnerability

Answer: C

The purpose of a is to deny network access to local area networks and other information assets by unauthorized wireless devices.

  • A. Wireless Access Point
  • B. Wireless Analyzer
  • C. Wireless Access Control list
  • D. Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

Answer: D

Which of the following tools can be used for passiveOS fingerprinting?

  • A. tcpdump
  • B. ping
  • C. nmap
  • D. Tracert

Answer: C

Initiating an attack against targeted businesses and organizations, threat actors compromise a carefully selected website byinserting an exploit resulting in malware infection. The attackers run exploits on well-known and trusted sites likely to be visited by their targeted victims. Aside from carefully choosing sites to compromise, these attacks are known toincorporate zero-day exploits that target unpatched vulnerabilities. Thus, the targeted entities are left with little or no defense against these exploits.
What type of attack is outlined in the scenario?

  • A. Watering Hole Attack
  • B. Spear Phising Attack
  • C. Heartbleed Attack
  • D. Shellshock Attack

Answer: A

Which of the following tools is used to detect wireless LANs using the 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN standards on a linux platform?

  • A. Kismet
  • B. Netstumbler
  • C. Abel
  • D. Nessus

Answer: A

Nation-state threat actors often discover vulnerabilitiesand hold on to them until they want to launch a sophisticated attack. The Stuxnet attack was an unprecedented style of attack because it used four types of this vulnerability.
What is this style of attack called?

  • A. zero-hour
  • B. no-day
  • C. zero-day
  • D. zero-sum

Answer: C

The phase will increase the odds of success in later phases of the penetration test. It is also the very first step in Information Gathering, and it will tell you what the“landscape” looks like.
What is the most important phase of ethical hacking in which you need to spend a considerable amount of time?

  • A. Network Mapping
  • B. Gaining access
  • C. Footprinting
  • D. Escalating privileges

Answer: C

Risk = Threats x Vulnerabilities is referred to as the:

  • A. Threat assessment
  • B. Disaster recovery formula
  • C. BIA equation
  • D. Risk equation

Answer: D

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