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2016 Jun 312-76 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. You are the project manager for a construction project. The project involves casting of a column in a very narrow space. Because of the lack of space, casting is highly dangerous. High technical skill will be required for casting that column. You decide to hire a local expert team for casting that column. Which of the following types of risk response are you following? 

A. Transference 

B. Mitigation 

C. Avoidance 

D. Acceptance 

Answer: A

Q82. Which of the following processes helps to quantify the impact of potential threats to put a price or value on the cost of lost business functionality? 

A. Risk Identification 

B. Risk Analysis 

C. Risk Reassessment 

D. Risk Avoidance 

Answer: B

Q83. In which of the following prototyping, a version of the system is built to check the requirements and is then discarded? 

A. Evolutionary prototyping 

B. Incremental prototyping 

C. Project prototyping 

D. Throw-away prototyping 

Answer: D

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Up to the immediate present 312-76 free practice questions:

Q84. You work as the project manager for Bluewell Inc. Your project has several risks that will affect several stakeholder requirements. Which project management plan will define who will be available to share information on the project risks? 

A. Communications Management Plan 

B. Resource Management Plan 

C. Risk Management Plan 

D. Stakeholder management strategy 

Answer: A

Q85. Which of the following RAID levels provides fault tolerance? 

A. RAID-5 

B. RAID-1 

C. RAID-10 

D. RAID-0 

Answer: A

Q86. Which of the following parts of BS 7799 covers risk analysis and management? 

A. Part 2 

B. Part 4 

C. Part 1 

D. Part 3 

Answer: D

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Precise 312-76 lab:

Q87. Which of the following events occurs in a system when there is a TCB failure and the recovery procedures cannot return the system to a secure state? 

A. Fault tolerance 

B. Cold start 

C. Fail-over 

D. Fail-soft 

Answer: B

Q88. Fill in the blank: 

An______(AS) is a group of networks under a single administration and with single routing policies. 

A. Autonomous System 

Answer: A

Q89. Fill in the blank: 

A ______ plan is a plan devised for a specific situation when things could go wrong. 

A. contingency 

Answer: A

Q90. Which of the following processes helps the business units to understand the impact of a disruptive event? 

A. Business impact assessment 

B. Business continuity plan development 

C. Scope and plan initiation 

D. Plan approval and implementation 

Answer: A

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