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2016 Jun 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. Which three statements describe the configuration change management feature in DCNM LAN? (Choose three.)

A. Switch profiles allow configurations to be synchronized between switches and are supported with any Cisco NX-OS Software managed device.

B. DCNM LAN can archive configurations from devices even if they are not managed by the DCNM server, and the administrator can supply the device management IP address and credentials.

C. You can archive a maximum of 50 configuration versions per managed device.

D. Managed devices must be licensed in DCNM LAN before they can be used with configuration change management.

E. Device-running configuration will be archived only if it differs from the last archived version.

Answer: C,D,E



Q123. Server load balancing (SLB) is the process of deciding to which server a load-balancing device should send a client request for service. 

Which predictors are supported on ACE in order to select the best server to fulfill a client request? (Choose three.)

A. Hash address: Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination IP address, or both

B. Hash URL: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the requested URL

C. Hash MAC. Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination MAC address, or both

D. Hash header: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the HTTP header name

E. Hash IP: Selects the server using a hash value based on the IP address

Answer: A,B,D

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Q125. Which statement describes the below output from an MDS switch?

Flow ID. 44

Initiator VSAN: 200

Initiator WWN: 50:06:04:8a: cc: 19:12: db

Target VSAN: 200

Target WWN: 50:06:04:8c: de: ad: be: ef

Target LUN: ALL LUNs

Acceleration enabled

Write-Acceleration Buffers: 1024

Configuration Status: flow verification failed

A. The zone containing both the initiator and target does not exist

B. The zone set has not been activated

C. The target is not logged into the fabric

D. The pWWN used for the target is invalid

Answer: C

Q126. Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches are best positioned at which layer?

A. access layer, as an end-of -row switch for FCIP and iSCSI aggregation

B. distribution layer, with multiples of 10 Gb/s ports

C. access layer, as a top-of - rack switch for server I/O consolidation with FCoE

D. aggregation layer, supporting virtual security and application services

Answer: C

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Q127. On a Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), which two statements regarding Ethanalyzer are true? (Choose two.)

A. Interface inbound-low handles Rx and Tx of low-priority control packet

B. Interface inbound-lo handles Rx and Tx of high-priority control packet

C. Interface inbound-low maps to internal interface eth3

D. Interface inbound-low maps to internal interface eth4

Answer: A,C

Q128. Nexus# conf t

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Nexus(config)# interface Loopback10

% Permission denied

Nexus(config)# ?

no Negate a command or set its defaults

username Configure user information.

End Go to exec mode

exit Exit from command interpreter

What is the reason why this user is not able to enter configuration commands?

A. The user did not enter enable prior to going into configuration mode.

B. The software license installed on Nexus is Layer 2 only, which does not allow the creation of Layer 3 interfaces.

C. The user RBAC role is set to network-operator.

D. The user failed authentication and user access defaulted to read-only mode.

E. The AAA server is currently not responding.

Answer: C

Q129. Refer to the exhibit.

Assume that the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects are equipped with 16 port expansion modules. What is the impact of the last command in the exhibit?

A. Fabric interconnect B will reboot.

B. The expansion module on fabric interconnect B will reload.

C. The command will generate an error.

D. Both fabric A and B expansion modules will reload.

E. The expansion module on fabric interconnect B will reload according to the maintenance policy that is set by Cisco UCS Manager.

Answer: C

Q130. Refer to the exhibit.

vPC+ is configured between which switches?

A. Switch-ID 13 and Switch-ID 23

B. Switch-ID 11 and Switch-ID 12

C. Switch-ID 100 only

D. Switch-ID 13 and Switch-ID 100

Answer: A

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