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2016 Jun 352-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Refer to the exhibit. 

A service provider using IS-IS has designed this network with all core links at the Layer 2 control plane. How will they adjust the design to reduce the flooding of update packets? 

A. Change the area type of the links to be level-1-2 to allow level-1 updates. 

B. Change the network type of the links from broadcast to point-to-point. 

C. Use IS-IS mesh groups. 

D. Configure SPF timers to be more aggressive so that updates are more quickly cleared from the queue. 

Answer: C 

Q22. In order to meet your service level agreement, your network designer created a design solution that includes interface dampening. In which two ways will interface dampening benefit your overall network design? (Choose two.) 

A. Interface dampening uses an exponential backoff algorithm to suppress event reporting to the upper-level protocols. 

B. When the interface is dampened, further link events are not reported to the upper protocol modules. 

C. When the interface is dampened, further link events are reported to the upper protocol module. 

D. Periodic interface flapping that affects the routing system as a whole should have a period shorter than the system convergence time. 

Answer: AB 

Q23. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which single design aspect should be configured on the ABRs to reduce the impact of WAN upgrades for spoke routers on the core of the network? 

A. route summarization 

B. stub area 

C. route filtering 

D. not-so-stubby area 

Answer: A 

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Q24. A company requests that you consult with them regarding the design of their production, development, and test environments. They indicate that the environments must communicate effectively, but they must be kept separate due to the inherent failures on the development network. What will be configured on the links between the networks to support their design requirements? 




D. static routes 

Answer: B 

Q25. You are using iSCSI to transfer files between a 10 Gigabit Ethernet storage system and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet server. The performance is only approximately 700 Mb/s and output drops are occurring on the server switch port. Which action will improve performance in a cost-effective manner? 

A. Use a WRED random drop policy. 

B. Increase the queue to at least 1 GB. 

C. Enable the TCP Nagle algorithm on the receiver. 

D. Change the protocol to CIFS. 

Answer: A 

Q26. What are two functions of an NSSA in an OSPF network design? (Choose two.) 

A. It overcomes issues with suboptimal routing when there are multiple exit points from the area. 

B. It allows ASBRs to inject external routing information into the area. 

C. An ASBR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area. 

D. An ABR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area. 

E. It uses opaque LSAs. 

Answer: BC 


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Q27. Company A has grown nationwide in the U.S., and each new remote branch has a Metro Ethernet circuit provisioned back to the data center at the headquarters on the West Coast. The operations team says that it cannot manage hundreds of circuits as the company continues to grow. You review the topology and notice that many of the branches are close to each other in geographical zones. How can you redesign this network to improve manageability and increase scalability? 

A. Add an aggregation layer router in each geographical zone. 

B. Add a redundant data center on the East Coast to serve some of the traffic there. 

C. Add a default route in each branch toward the data center on the West Coast. 

D. Use Optimized Edge Routing at the data center. 

E. Build an overlay MPLS network with Layer 3 VPN. 

Answer: A 

Q28. You have been hired by Acme Corporation to evaluate their existing network and determine if the current network design is secure enough to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. When evaluating the network, which switch security option should you investigate to ensure that authorized ARP responses take place according to known IP-to-MAC address mapping? 

A. ARP rate limiting 

B. DHCP snooping 

C. Dynamic ARP Inspections 

D. IP Source Guard 

Answer: C 

Q29. A Mobile Service Provider would like to design and deploy an Ethernet service which has similar physical link failover/failback characteristics on the active/backup links as the APS/MSP SONET properties. Which Layer 2 services should be considered to address this design feature? 

A. Port-Channel 


C. Flex Link 

D. Ethernet Pseudowires 

Answer: C 

Q30. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are designing a network using the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol for loop avoidance. VLAN trunking is not allowed due to security requirements. Which option describes how you can design this Layer 2 network while using untagged interfaces between both switches? 

A. Assign VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 to the IST instance. 

B. Assign VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 to instance 1. 

C. Assign VLAN 100 to instance 1 and VLAN 200 to instance 2. 

D. Assign VLAN 100 to the IST instance and VLAN 200 to instance 1. 

Answer: C 

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