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2016 Mar 400-051 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Which ITU-T recommendation defines the procedures for using more than one video channel in H.320-based systems? 

A. H.324 

B. H.230 

C. H.239 

D. H.264 

E. H.329 

Answer: C 

Q92. Which statement about the effective path in the Enhanced Location Call Admission Control mechanism on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is true? 

A. It is a sequence of links and intermediate locations that connect a pair of locations. 

B. It is used to define the bandwidth that is available between locations. 

C. Only one effective path is used between two locations. 

D. There could be multiple effective paths between a pair of locations. 

E. It logically represents the WAN link. 

Answer: C 

Q93. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which SIP trunk deployment model is shown in this enterprise VoIP topology? 

A. mixed TDM and VoIP 

B. centralized 

C. hybrid 

D. traditional TDM 

E. distributed 

Answer: C 

Q94. Which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express hunt group mechanisms keep track of the number of hops in call delivery decisions? (Choose two.) 

A. sequential 

B. peer 

C. longest idle 

D. parallel 

E. overlay 

F. linear 

Answer: BC 

Q95. When multiple greetings are enabled on Cisco Unity Express, which greeting will take the highest precedence? 

A. standard 

B. meeting 

C. busy 

D. closed 

E. internal 

Answer: B 

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Q96. Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express data store contains CSQ information? 

A. configuration data store 

B. repository data store 

C. agent data store 

D. historical data store 

E. script data store 

Answer: A 

Q97. The iLBC codec operates at 38 bytes per sample per 20-millisecond interval. What is its codec bit rate in kilobits per second? 

A. 6.3 

B. 13.3 

C. 15.2 

D. 16 

E. 24 

Answer: C 

Q98. What is the maximum number of call-processing subscribers in a standard deployment of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition cluster? 

A. 3 

B. 4 

C. 5 

D. 8 

E. 16 

Answer: D 

Q99. Which two SCCP call signaling messages are sent by an IP phone to Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 

A. SoftKeyEvent 

B. OpenReceiveChannelAck 

C. StartMediaTransmission 

D. SelectSoftKeys 

E. CloseReceiveChannel 

F. StopTone 

Answer: AB 

Q100. Refer to the exhibit. 

Assume the B-ACD configuration on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router is operational. 

How much time does a member of the hunt group have to answer a queue call that is ringing on their extension? 

A. 5 seconds 

B. 10 seconds 

C. 20 seconds 

D. 30 seconds 

E. 40 seconds 

Answer: B 

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Q101. Which element was added to H.225 messages to enable Fast Connect in H.323 version 2? 

A. fastStart 

B. fastConnect 

C. H.245 PDU 

D. User-User Information 

E. Connection Information 

Answer: A 

Q102. Refer to the exhibit. 

The exhibit shows the Cisco IOS CLI output of debug ip dhcp packet, which was captured on a router that is located at a branch office where a single IP phone is located. There is a standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager server at the central site, which also provides DHCP services to the IP phone at the branch office. You are troubleshooting a problem where the IP phone could not register to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You have confirmed that the IP phone received an IP address in the correct subnet and with a correct subnet mask from the DHCP server. Assuming the IP phone is correctly defined on Unified CM, which two statements about the network components are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The MAC address of the IP phone is 01ec44761e3e. 

B. The IP address of the DHCP server is 

C. The MAC address of the VLAN 101 interface is ec44761e3e7d. 

D. The IP address of the VLAN 101 interface is 

E. There is IP connectivity between the VLAN 101 interface of the branch router and the ip-helper address that is configured on this interface. 

F. There is IP connectivity between the IP phone and the ip-helper address on the VLAN 101 interface. 

Answer: DE 

Q103. Which two categories are state-based greetings on Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.) 

A. Meeting 

B. Vacation 

C. Internal 

D. Closed 

E. Alternate 

F. Extended Absence 

Answer: CD 

Q104. Which four attributes are needed to determine the time to complete a TFTP file transfer process? (Choose four.) 

A. file size 

B. file type 

C. network interface type 

D. round-trip time 

E. packet loss percentage 

F. response timeout 

G. network throughput 

Answer: ADEF 

Q105. Which two types of devices on Cisco Unified Communications Manager support iSAC? (Choose two.) 




D. Music on Hold server 

E. H.323 

Answer: BC