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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

New Questions 8

Refer to the exhibit.

If R1 uses EIGRP to learn route from R2, which interface on R1 uses split horizon for route

A. Se0/0

B. Fa0/0

C. Se1/0

D. Fa0/1

Answer: B

New Questions 9

Which option is the task of an IGMP Snooping Querier?

A. lt sends PIM-SM messages to all multicast routers

B. It coordinates the election of a mapping agent

C. lt can limit the number of multicast messages a host receives

D. lt facilitates populating the group membership tables on IGMP Snooping-enabled switches

Answer: C

New Questions 10

Which two statements correctly describe MLD snooping? (Choose two.)

A. It is independent of IGMP snooping

B. It can be disabled globally and then enabled on individual VLANs

C. Global configurations override VLAN configurations

D. It can be enabled on VLANs 1 through 1001 only

E. VLAN query values override global values

Answer: D,E

New Questions 11

Which IPv6 tunneling method allows Host A to communicate with Host B within the same site?


B. 6to4


D. Manual

Answer: A

New Questions 12

Which PIM feature allows the same multicast group address to be reused in different

administrative domains?

A. Proxy Registering

B. IP Multicast Helper

C. IP Multicast Boundary


Answer: B

New Questions 13

Refer to the exhibit.

What is the PHB class on this flow?


B. none

C. AF21

D. CS4

Answer: B

New Questions 14

Which 1ype of ACL can be applied only to Layer 2 ports?

A. Reflexive ACLs


C. Standard ACLs

D. PortACLs

E. Dynamic ACLs

Answer: D

New Questions 15

Refer to the Exhibit.

What is the effect of the given configuration?

A. The router stops SNMP logging.

B. The router logs messages only to the console.

C. The router stops logging messages to the syslog server only.

D. The router log message only to the buffer.

Answer: C

New Questions 16

Which two options are restrictions of BGP ORF? (Choose two)

A. It can be used only with IPv4 multicast.

B. It requires access lists to match routes.

C. It can be used only with eBGP.

D. Multicast is not supported.

E. It can be used only with iBGP.

Answer: C,D

New Questions 17

Which two statements about route redistribution are true? (Choose two.)

A. Redistributing the entire BGP table from the Internet works well when using multiple OSPF areas.

B. IS-IS does not no support Layer 2 routes that leak into a Layer 1 domain.

C. Mutual redistribution at multiple points can create a routing loop.

D. IBGP is used within the AS to Carry EBG P attributes that otherwise would be lost if EBG P was redistributed into IGP.

E. The unequal cost multipath load-balancing characteristic is lost when redistributing OSPF into EIGRP.

Answer: C,D

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