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2016 Jun 400-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. The product team at an ISP that offers VoIP services wants to add two-way video conferencing to their product offering. Which three QoS methods can be applied for real-time traffic on WAN links with speeds that are slower than 768 Kbps? (Choose three.) 

A. Apply voice-adaptive fragmentation to ensure that large video packets are fragmented and interleaved. 

B. Apply LLQ with video traffic that is dedicated in the priority queue. 

C. Apply MLP link fragmentation and interleaving to the interface. 

D. Apply CBWFQ with video traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of AF41. 

E. Apply CBWFQ with VoIP traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of EF. 

F. Apply LLQ with both voice traffic and video traffic in the same priority queue 

Answer: C,D,E 


Refer to the exhibit. 

PE1 and PE2 has a Layer 2 VPN over a GRE tunnel. This GRE tunnel built between P1 and P2 has LDP enabled. Consider a packet capture of the packets from CE1 and CE2 at P1 and R1 link. Drag the headers on the left and drop them on the right in the order of the encapsulation, starting from the inner header (at the top) to the outer header (at the bottom). 


Q73. A network engineer wants to deploy a solution that allows for 200 DS1 s and 100 DS0s that are multiplexed to a single interface on a Cisco 7600 Series Router. Which interface type satisfies this requirement? 

A. Channelized T3/E3 (DS0) 

B. Channelized OC-12/STM-4 

C. OC-12/STM-4 

D. OC-48c/STM-16 

Answer: B 

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Q74. Which technology is a forwarding decision point in a PE router that provides flexibility to make many Layer 2 flow decisions within an interface? 

A. local connect 

B. AToM 


D. pseudowire 


Answer: E 

Q75. Which two statements about Unified MPLS are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Unified MPLS works on Cisco IOS XR Software only. 

B. Unified MPLS extends MPLS across multidomain networks in a scalable manner. 

C. New technologies or protocols are not used; only MPLS, LDP, IGP, and BGP are used. 

D. ABR loopback prefixes should always be redistributed from the core IGP into the aggregation IGP. 

E. The RRs are part of the control path only. 

Answer: B,D 


Q76. Refer to the exhibit. 

ABC and XYZ MPLS VPN customers are accruing Internet access. Both CEs are sending traffic to the Internet. Which statement about their connectivity is true? 

A. Both CEs will have connectivity. 

B. Only CE-XYZ will have connectivity. 

C. Neither CEs will have connectivity, as both CEs are using the same NATed subnet. 

D. Only CE-ABC will have connectivity. 

E. Neither CEs will have connectivity, as IAR does not have route back to the NATed subnet. 

Answer: D 

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Q77. In order to prevent malicious traffic flows, how does BGPsec protect prefix advertisements? 

A. It validates only the originating AS. 

B. It validates routes with encryption. 

C. It validates the AS path. 

D. It validates the next-hop AS. 

Answer: C 

Q78. Refer to the exhibit. How will the redistributed routes on R1 from EIGRP into OSPF be installed in the R4 routing table? 

A. as a default route with an E2 route type 

B. as a default route with an IA route type 

C. as specific routes with an E2 route type 

D. as specific routes with an N2 route type 

E. as a default route with an N2 route type 

Answer: B 


Q79. An engineer wants to configure MPLS TE Fast Reroute with link protection on five routers. Which methodology can reduce configuration on the point of the local repair router and successfully complete the task? 

A. Configure a backup tunnel on the PLR. 

B. Enable the autotunnel backup feature. 

C. Configure a backup tunnel on the tunnel head end router. 

D. Enable the autotunnel primary feature. 

Answer: B 

Explanation: F19BEEEFC831436AAC9291A87F9B34E5 

Q80. Refer to the exhibit. 

PIM sparse mode is implemented in the network RPF succeeds under which condition? 

A. The RPF check succeeds for the next hop whose router ID is the highest. 

B. The RPF check succeeds for the highest DR priority for the PIM router. 

C. The RPF check succeeds for both PIM neighbors, and traffic load-balances across both neighbors. 

D. The RPF check succeeds for the highest interface IP address for the PIM router. 

Answer: D 

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