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2016 Aug 6006.1 sample question

Q41. Which Linux command is used to display all current TCP/IP network connections and protocol statistics?

A. ping

B. ifconfig

C. systemstat

D. netstat

Answer: D

Q42. In a G430 Media Gateway, what is the only component that is NOT supported?

A. S8300

B. MM340

C. MM710

D. MM712

Answer: B

Q43. A customer wants to change the number of rings for all extensions in the customer's helpdesk before the system redirects the Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) system. All extensions of the helpdesk belong to COS 3 and coverage Path 99.

Which command must be used to change the number of rings?

A. Change coverage path99

B. Change coverage path 3

C. Change cos

D. Change system-parameters coverage-options

Answer: A

Q44. A user would like to determine whether there are sufficient MedPro resources in the system

Which two commands would be used? (Choose two.)

A. list measurements ip codes

B. status health

C. list measurements ip dsp-resource

D. status socket-usage

Answer: CD

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Q45. RFA used for CM 5.2x and earlier license and /or authentication file delivery. The license files are used to activate software including features, capabilities, releases, and offer categories.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

A. A new license file is not needed when upgrading from release4.0 to release 5.2x

B. Anupdate license only requires a RFA System ID (SID) of the existing server

C. Each new license will require a SAP order number, the serial number of the reference IPSI, or the gateway.

D. Server serial number is usedin RFA to validate new 502xlicense files.

Answer: BC

Q46. When administering a new Media Gateway, in which three locations is the name administered? (Choose three)

A. In Communication Manager with the command `add Node-Names ip'

B. In Communication Manager with the command `add Media-gateway [#]'

C. In the Gateway with the command `set system name'

D. In the Gateway with the CLI command `set system name' E. In the Gateway with the command `set system config'

Answer: ABD

Q47. Which command is used to identify the LSP/SLS in an H.248 Media Gateway?

A. set mgc list

B. add mgc list

C. set ip route

D. set lSP

Answer: A

Q48. In the event of network or server failure, the Connection Preserving Migration (CPM) feature preserves existing bearer (vice) connections while the H248 media gateway migrates from one Communications Manager server to another What are users expected to experience on preserved calls during this migration?

A. CPM will extend the time period for recovery operations and functions so features such as Hold, Conference, of Transfer will be available to users on preserved calls.

B. CPM will extend the time period for recovery operations and functions but users cannot use features such as Hold, Conference, or Transfer

C. Recovery operations and functions remain stable during CPM so all CM features are available

D. CPM will utilize Alternate Gatekeeper List functions to preserve all user features including Hold, Conference, or Transfer.

Answer: B

Q49. The S8510 has just been rebooted. A technician wants to know when it is backup, so logging back in can occur. The laptop is connected to the services port and the technician wants to issueping command that doesn't stop pinging until it is decided to manually stop it.

Which ping command should be executed?

A. Ping 192 11.13.6 ?a

B. Ping 192 11.13.6 ?t

C. Ping 192 11.13.6 ?f

D. Ping 192 11.13.6 ?w

Answer: B

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