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2016 Apr 640-911 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. What is required to allow devices that are using RFC 1918 addresses to communicate over the Internet? 

A. A private to public VLAN must be defined on the Internet border device. 

B. The Internet firewall must permit RFC 1918 addresses. 

C. VLAN translation is required on the Internet border device. 

D. Network address translation is required on the Internet border device. 

Answer: D

Q2. Which three statements are true concerning RFC 1918 IP addresses? (Choose three.) 

A. They are globally routable. 

B. They are not globally routable. 

C. They must not be filtered at Internet border interfaces. 

D. They should be filtered at Internet border interfaces. 

E. They include,, and 

F. They include,, and 

Answer: BDF

Q3. What is the minimum required command to enter global configuration mode on a Cisco Nexus switch? 

A. nexus# con 

B. nexus# configure 

C. nexus# configure global 

D. nexus# configure terminal 

Answer: A

Q4. When deploying 10BASE-2 Ethernet, what is the maximum cable length? 

A. 100 meters 

B. 100 feet 

C. 150 meters 

D. 150 feet 

E. 185 meters 

F. 185 feet 

Answer: E

Q5. What are two attributes of a VLAN? (Choose two.) 

A. A VLAN defines a collision domain. 

B. A VLAN defines a broadcast domain. 

C. Broadcasts are flooded to all VLANs. 

D. Collisions are flooded to all VLANs. 

E. A Layer 3 device is required to route packets between VLANs. 

F. A Layer 2 device is required to route packets between VLANs. 

Answer: BE

Q6. At which layer of the OSI model does TCP operate? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 

Answer: D

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Renewal 640-911 practice:

Q7. What is the binary value of the decimal number 1263? 

A. 11011101101 

B. 10011101111 

C. 10011101011 

D. 11010001111 

E. 10111101111 

Answer: B

Q8. What are three modular Layer 3 processes in Cisco Nexus Operating System? (Choose three.) 






F. Cisco Discovery Protocol 

Answer: BCE

Q9. What is the dotted hexadecimal representation of the IP address 

A. AC.0D.63.E1 

B. AB.63.99.D5 

C. E2.1D.E1.66 

D. BC.0C.C3.1F 

E. CC.0D.F3.21 

Answer: A

Q10. Which field in an Ethernet II frame performs the same function as the DSAP field in an 802.3 Ethernet frame? 

A. start of frame 

B. EtherType 

C. frame check sequence 

D. Subnetwork Access Protocol 

E. Logical Link Control 

Answer: B

Q11. What is the function of the Tab key on the Cisco Nexus Operating System command-line interface? 

A. redisplays the current command line 

B. deletes all characters from the cursor to the end of the command line 

C. clears the terminal screen 

D. completes a partially entered command if enough characters are present 

E. moves the cursor one word to the right 

Answer: D

Q12. When deploying 10BASE-2 Ethernet, which type of connector is used? 





E. RJ-11 

F. RJ-45 

G. ST 

H. DC 

Answer: D

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Approved 640-911 questions:

Q13. What action does a switch take if the destination MAC address is unknown? 

A. discard frame 

B. send ICMP unreachable message to source 

C. flood packet on all ports 

D. compare destination IP address against an ACL to determine if it is permitted 

E. send gratuitous ARP on all ports and wait for reply before forwarding 

Answer: C

Q14. Which two network topologies are the most popular in switching? (Choose two.) 

A. bus 

B. token passing bus 

C. star 

D. extended star 

E. ring 

Answer: CD

Q15. What is the maximum allowable hop count for RIPv1? 

A. 4 

B. 8 

C. 12 

D. 15 

E. 16 

Answer: D

Q16. Which network topology is most closely associated with classical CSMA/CD? 

A. bus 

B. token passing bus 

C. star 

D. extended star 

E. ring 

Answer: A

Q17. What are three reasons to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6? (Choose three.) 

A. IPv6 eliminates the requirement for NAT. 

B. IPv6 includes enough IP addresses to allocate more than four billion IP addresses to every person on earth. 

C. IPv6 eliminates the need for VLANs. 

D. Hosts can be assigned an IP address without DHCP. 

E. Hosts can be assigned an IP address without DNS. 

Answer: ABD

Q18. Which option is an example of an advanced distance vector routing protocol? 





Answer: A

Q19. How many IP address ranges are specified in RFC 1918? 

A. 1 in Class A, 2 in Class B, and 4 in Class C 

B. 2 in Class A, 4 in Class B, and 8 in Class C 

C. 4 in Class A, 8 in Class B, and 16 in Class C 

D. 1 in Class A, 16 in Class B, and 256 in Class C 

Answer: D