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Exam Name: Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers(CXFF)
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2016 Mar 642-384 Study Guide Questions:

Q113. Which command assigns a cost value of 17 to a switch port?

A. Spanning-tree interfacefastethernet 5/8 17

B. Spanning-tressportcost 17

C. Spanning-tree port cost 17

D. Spanning-tree cost 17}

Answer: D

Q114. Which port-sales SMART Design documents are available to help you better serve your customers? (Choose three)

A. Design Guide

B. Small Business Product Guide

C. Implementation Guide

D. Solution Profile

E. Cisco Configuration Assistant

F. Application Notes

Answer: ACF

Q115. Refer to the exhibit. R2 is always in the init state. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. R2 is seeing hello packets from R1.

B. R2 is not seeing hello packets from R1.

C. The exchanging of data between R1 and R2 is occurring because each is sending hello packets.

D. Two-way communication has not been established between R1 and R2 because R2 is not seeing its router ID in the hello packets that it is receiving from R1

E. R2 has an access list defined for SO that is blocking an OSPF multicast IP address of

Answer: AD

Q116. What are two differences between medium and large campus network designs? (Choose two)

A. number of supported devices

B. types of supported devices

C. architecture

D. scalability

E. networking design

Answer: CD

Q117. What is the major difference between TACACS+ and RADIUS?

A. TACAS+ runs in TCP, RADIUS operates in UDP

B. TACAS+ runs in UDP, RADIUS operates in TCP

C. RADIUS encrypts the entire body of the access-request packet that is sent from the client to the server, TACAS+ encrypts only the password in the access-request packet

D. TACACS+ and RADIUS operate on two different protocol layers

Answer: A

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Q118. What do radio-wave radiation patterns allow you to determine when you are implementing wireless networks?

A. Size of the coverage area

B. Which antenna is beingused

C. Temperature of the coverage area

D. Shape of the coverage area

Answer: A

Q119. Which type of antenna would be best used in a classroom environment?

A. omnidirectional

B. Yagi

C. patch

D. parabolic

Answer: A

Q120. A concern has been expressed that the switched infrastructure in an integrated network is vulnerable to VLAN hopping attacks. Which two configuration statements can be used to mitigate VLAN hopping? (Choose two.)

A. switch port port-security

B. switch port port-security tagging

C. switch port accessvlan

D. switch port doublE.tag snooping

E. switch port mode access

Answer: CE

Q121. What were two primary design purpose for ISRs? (Choose two)

A. To provide a centralized threat database for IPS sensors

B. To bring IP technology, voice mail, email, and firewall services to the end user

C. To implement and to integrate fully network services such as security, WAN routing, and Ethernet switching

D. To offer Fast Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet as a high-speed routing platform

E. To be a next-generation, high-performance routing platform

F. To provide all security-management functions in one high-performance device

Answer: BC

Q122. What are two uses for USB ports on ISRs? (Choose two)

A. increased memory capabilities

B. secure device authentication

C. bulk flash storage

D. control over the types of files that can be stored

E. digital certificate storage

Answer: BC

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Q123. Refer to the exhibit. The Cisco Aironet 802.1 la/b/g Wireless LAN Client Adapter has two LEDs. Which two LED states indicate that the card is associated to an access point and is working properly? (Choose two.)

A. green LED off; amber LED solid

B. green LED off; amber LED blinking sporadically

C. green LED blinking quickly: amber LED blinking quickly

D. green LED blinking slowly, amber LED blinking slowly

E. green LED blinking slowly; amber LED blinking quickly

Answer: CD

Q124. The Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances are built specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees. What are three important benefits of this device? (Choose three)

A. business-grade firewall

B. premium support viaSMARTnet

C. site-to-site VPN for remote offices

D. Cisco IOS software-based

E. email security

F. XML support

Answer: ACE

Q125. How many users are supported on the Cisco Unified Communications models 540 and 560 platforms?

A. 16 users on the UC540 and 64 users on the UC560

B. 16 users on the UC540 and 104 users on the UC560

C. 32 users on the UC540 and 64 users on the UC560

D. 32 users on the UC540 and 104 users on the UC560

Answer: D

Q126. Which command would you use to run authorization for all commands at the specified privilege level(n)?

A. aaa authorization commandndefault group tacacs+local

B. aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+local

C. aaa authorization enable default group tacacs+enable

D. aaa authorization group tacacs+local

Answer: A

Q127. CiscoWorks SNMS is a part of the CiscoWorks family of products for managing small to large networks. CiscoWorks SIMMS is a new Web-based network management solution for small to medium-sized businesses, with 40 or fewer Cisco internetworking devices such as switches, routers, hubs, and access servers. CiscoWorks SNMS can also monitor third-party IT assets such as servers, applications, services, and printers A Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunk is typically the voice interconnect between any business and the outside world. Which network management tool is designed to allow businesses to manage up to 40 devices?

A. CiscoWorks Unrestricted

B. CiscoWorks WAN Management

C. CiscoWorks LAN Management

D. CiscoWorks SNMS

Answer: D

Q128. Which design phase service component includes the development and documentation of the test case or cases used to verify that a deployed infrastructure meets operational, functional, and interface requirements?

A. Implementation Plan

B. Business Plan

C. Staging Plan

D. Detailed Design Development

E. Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development

Answer: E