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2016 Mar 642-871 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Refer to the exhibit. At Hamilton and Laurens Camping Advisors, you have just interviewed the IT manager who has this list of technical issues about the company's Campus LAN. Which three device technologies will best solve these problems? (Choose three.)

A. IPX firewalls

B. LAN switches

C. VPN concentrators

D. switch blades

E. routers

F. ATM switches

Answer: BEF

Q92. With Call Manager v3.1, what is the maximum number of servers in a Cluster?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 7

D. 3

Answer: B

Q93. Which two statements are true about MLP interleaving? (Choose two.)

A. It fragments and encapsulates packets that are longer than a configured size, but does not encapsulate smaller packets inside a fragmentation header.

B. Packets larger than the fragmentation size are always fragmented, and cannot be interleaved, even if the traffic is voice traffic.

C. Packets smaller than the fragmentation size are interleaved between the fragments of the larger packets.

D. It fragments and encapsulates all packets in a fragmentation header.

Answer: AC

Q94. Which two benefits does VoFR provide? (Choose two.)

A. cell-switching

B. bandwidth efficiency

C. heterogeneous network

D. congestion notification

Answer: BD

Q95. Lafeyette Productions is looking for a new ISP that has improved availability, load balancing, and catastrophe protection. Which type of ISP connectivity solution would be best?

A. autonomous-route injection

B. direct BGP peering

C. single run

D. multi-homed

E. stub domain EBGP

Answer: D

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Q96. Which routing protocol supports a flexible area structure using routing levels one and two?





E. RIPv2


Answer: B

Q97. Refer to the exhibit. A central site WAN edge router is connected to the remote site WAN edge router over a Frame Relay PVC. The central site has a CIR of 384 kbps and the remote site has a CIR of 128 kbps. Traffic flowing across this Frame Relay WAN link includes VoIP, SQL, FTP, HTTP, Citrix, Telnet, and other best-effort class traffic. Which three QoS mechanisms should be implemented on the WAN edge router Frame Relay WAN link in the outbound direction? (Choose three.)

A. class-based traffic policing

B. class-based markings

C. Class-Based RTP header compression on the voice traffic class


E. class-based WRED on the voice traffic class

F. Frame Relay traffic shaping

Answer: CDF


Look at the picture.


Q99. Refer to the exhibit. What is the most performance enhancing, cost effective, and growth oriented media for the connections for the NAS portion of this storage network design?

A. Fiber Channel

B. EtherChannel


D. Gigabit Ethernet

Answer: B

Q100. What are two considerations to using IP Multicast delivery? (Choose two.)

A. no congestion avoidance

B. no guaranteed delivery mechanism

C. source sends multiple data streams out each interface

D. not for bandwidth intensive applications

E. ordered delivery of packets

Answer: AB

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Q101. Which IOS QoS enhancement was created to address scalability and bandwidth guarantee issues?

A. IntServ

B. DiffServ



Answer: C

Q102. Which content networking device allows bandwidth configuration settings so that streaming content will not interfere with other network traffic?

A. Content Distribution Manager

B. Content Engine

C. IP/TV Control Server

D. IP/TV Broadcast Server

Answer: A

Q103. Which enterprise caching mode eliminates the need for Layer 4 switches or WCCP enabled routers to intercept user requests?

A. transparent

B. proxy

C. reverse proxy

D. direct

Answer: B

Q104. Users at the Charleville Company began experiencing high network delays when Internet connectivity was enabled for all users. After investigating the traffic flow, you determine that peerto-peer traffic from a music download site is consuming a large amount of bandwidth. Which QoS mechanism can you implement to improve the network response time?

A. Use class-based policing to limit the peer-to-peer traffic rate.

B. Use class-based WRED to randomly drop the peer-to-peer traffic during network congestions.

C. Use CBWFQ to queue the peer-to-peer traffic into the default traffic class.

D. Use class-based shaping to delay any excessive peer-to-peer traffic.

E. Use class-based marking to mark the peer-to-peer traffic to DSCP 0

Answer: A

Q105. A network designer will be incorporating IP telephony into a large company with over 4,000 phones. What two recommendations does Cisco make about the server(s) used to store configuration files, device loads (operating code), and ring types for downloading? (Choose two.)

A. Incorporate multiple load-balanced FTP servers to replace any TFTP servers.

B. Create one FTP server per dedicated database publisher.

C. Create a dedicated TFTP server.

D. Incorporate a dedicated FTP server to replace any TFTP servers.

E. Create multiple load-balanced TFTP servers.

F. Create a backup TFTP server in case the main FTP server fails.

Answer: CE