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2016 Apr 650-575 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. In which service component are gaps between current infrastructure and requirements for CSA analyzed?

A. Site Readiness Assessment

B. High Level Design for CSA

C. Security Readiness Assessment

D. CSA operations implementation

Answer: A

Q2. Which activity is performed in a security solution readiness assessment?

A. Survey Facility Site

B. Preliminary Technology Discovery

C. Assessment and Remediation Planning

D. Assess Existing Software Operations Procedures

Answer: D

Q3. Which activity is conducted as part of the Security Readiness Assessment?

A. Perform Preliminary Gap Analysis

B. Document Location of Legacy Equipment

C. Assess Existing Software Operating Procedures

D. Document Logical-Level Functionality

E. Assess and Document Infrastructure Requirements for the Proposed Solution

F. None of the above

Answer: C

Q4. Which activity is done in Project Management?

A. Business Requirements Workshop

B. Develop Staff Planning Report

C. Discuss Detailed Design

D. Confirm Project Roles and Responsibilities

Answer: D

Q5. When is the escalation procedure template used in the plan phase?

A. High Level Design Development

B. Change Management Process

C. Conduct Site Assessment Gap Analysis

D. Assess Low Level Design Complexity

E. Assess Current Security Management Procedures

F. None of the above

Answer: E

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Improved 650-575 exam topics:

Q6. Which task is part of the technology strategy meeting in the prepare phase?

A. Review and Generate a Logical-Level Topology Map

B. Document Security Policy Requirements

C. Review LAN/WAN Configurations

D. Identify Connectivity Requirements

E. Review Security Alerts and Notification Requirements

F. None of the above

Answer: B

Q7. Which activity is conducted as part of the Security Readiness Assessment?

A. Assess and Document Infrastructure Requirements for the proposed solution

B. Document Logical-Level Functionality

C. Perform Preliminary Gap Analysis

D. Document Location of Legacy Equipment

E. Assess Existing software operations procedures

Answer: E

Q8. Which task belongs to the Ongoing Support Handoff Meeting?

A. Develop Operations Implementation Report

B. Explain How to Open and Track a Case, Explain Who from the Customer Should Open a Case, and What Should Be Done Prior to Opening a Case

C. Train Operations Staff

D. Customize Network Ready for Use Template with Installed Feature and Functions

E. None of the above

Answer: B

Q9. Which two tasks are parts of conducting a discovery workshop in the Physical Design Workshop service component? (Choose two)

A. Perform Risk Mitigation

B. Create a Network Diagram

C. Discuss the Customer's System Implementation Strategy

D. Create a Design Specification Document

E. Define Policies and Groups

Answer: AC

Q10. Which activity is performed in security Readiness Assessment?

A. Preliminary Technology Discovery

B. Survey Facility Site

C. Assessment and Remediation Planning

D. Assess Existing Software Operations Procedures

Answer: D

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Q11. Which service component belongs to the operate phase?

A. System Acceptance Testing

B. Configuration Management

C. Systems Migration

D. Operations Implementation

E. Staging Plan Development

Answer: B

Q12. Which activity should be finished before creating the Security readiness assessment report?

A. Technology Strategy Development

B. Low Level Design

C. Implementation Plan

D. Assessment of Current security Management Procedures

Answer: D

Q13. Which three business requirement development activities are performed in the prepare phase before creating a technology strategy? (Choose three)

A. Document and Categorize the Business Requirement of Customer in Terms of Performance, Availability, Capacity, and Security

B. Create a Business Case

C. Produce a Documented Technology Strategy

D. Identify and Assess the Business Requirements of Customer

E. Conduct a Systems Strategy Meeting.

F. Create a Bill of Materials

Answer: ADE

Q14. In which service component is the electronic notification tool used?

A. Security Administration

B. Configuration Management

C. System Monitoring

D. Change Management

E. Operations Setup

F. None of the above

Answer: C


Which implement phase service component provides for creating the final network documentation that reflects information for the customer, including specific desing requirements and configurations?

A. Device Deployment

B. Post-Implementation support handoff meeting

C. As-Built Documentation

D. Staff Training for IT Admin and Help Desk.

Answer: C