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2016 Apr 650-575 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. What is the first activity that is conducted in an IPS mode implementation?

A. Fine Tune the Custom Policy

B. Tune for False Positives

C. Create a Rule from a Query

D. Install the Sensor, Schedule a Network Outage Prior to the Installation

Answer: D

Q32. Developing a plan that identifies specific activities required to take existing services and network architectures and implement them on a new platform or as new services is an activity of which service component in the design phase?

A. Migration Plan Development

B. Business Requirements Documents

C. Business Plan

D. Detailed Design Development

E. Implementation Plan

F. Staging Plan

Answer: A

Q33. Which service component helps manage real-time network issues?

A. Incident and problem management

B. Change Management

C. Acceptance Test Plan

D. Configuration Management

Answer: A

Q34. What is key objective of the security solutions readiness assessment?

A. Document the current and future technology projects of the customer

B. Assess and document infrastructure for the proposed solution

C. Document power and UPS availability.

D. Create a desing specification document

Answer: B

Q35. What is an objective of the account planning services component in the prepare phase?

A. Complete a competitive analysis to create an appropriate vertical approach and strategy

B. Define the security pain points of a customer

C. Review the network topology maps of a customer

D. Review the security policy documents of customer

E. Create a successful demonstration of the proposed security solution

Answer: A

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Q36. What describes the Business Requirements Development service component in the prepare phase?

A. Meetings with different customer stakeholders to gather the customer's requirements for the security solution

B. A process by which the partner can determine if the security solution that is being proposed matches the customer's security requirements

C. The creation of a topology map for the solution and the identification of products and services that will be required to implement the solution

D. A process that identifies the customer's security reporting requirements

E. The creation of a model network that replicates the proposed security solution

F. None of the above

Answer: A

Q37. In which phase do you provide the Satff Training for End Users, and Staff Training for IT Admin and Help Desk?

A. Prepare

B. Design

C. Implement

D. Plan

Answer: C

Q38. Which service component is typically performed prior to the handover to a customer operations organization?

A. Skill Assessment

B. Security Check

C. Acceptance Testing

D. Project Closeout

E. Systems Integration

Answer: C

Q39. Which service component within the security prepare phase provides a finacial justification for the customer in the adoption of technology?

A. Business Case Development

B. Technology Strategy Development

C. Proof of Concept

D. High-Level Design Development

Answer: A

Q40. Who has the responsibility to act as an advocate for both partner and customer?

A. Field Engineer

B. Project Manager

C. Account Manager

D. Network Operation Center Engineer

Answer: B

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Q41. Which service component in the design phase develops a plan that identifies the steps to move from an existing system to a proposed system?

A. Staging Plan Development

B. Business Plan Development

C. Business Requirements Document

D. Implementation Plan development

Answer: D

Q42. Which activity is conducted by using CSA release notes as a resource?

A. Fine Tune the Custom Policy

B. Install S/W and Achieve Connectivity

C. Determine CSA Feature and Function Design Specifications

D. Implement Policies and Groups

E. None of the above

Answer: B


Your boss at Exambible, Mrs. Exambible, is curious about flow of events for a CSA policies and groups implementation. What is the correct order?


Q44. Policies and procedure guides can be used to help conduct which activity?

A. Connect the IDS Sensor to the Management Station

B. Execute Test Cases

C. Ensure Specified CSA Network Connectivity Requirements Are Met

D. Add a Hardware-Based Reporting Device into CS-MARS

E. Develop the CSA Detailed Design

F. None of the above

Answer: E

Q45. Which Cisco Lifecycle Services security phase defines operational excellence through ongoing improvement of system performance and functionality?

A. Optimize

B. Design

C. Operate

D. Implement

E. Prepare

Answer: A