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2016 May 98-367 Study Guide Questions:

Q65. Which of the following are the main features of a key logger? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. It can be delivered via FTP or e-mail. 

B. It can record all keystrokes. 

C. It can capture all screenshots. 

D. It can detect viruses on the computer. 

Answer: ABC 

Q66. Which of following is required to be configured to ensure that the Bitlocker storage can be reclaimed? 

A. BitLocker to use data recovery agents 

B. BitLocker to use the password screen saver 

C. BitLocker to use the Secret Retrieval Agent 

D. BitLocker to use the Artificial Intelligence recovery option. 

Answer: A 

Q67. Which of the following ports is used by the Remote Desktop Protocol? 

A. 80 

B. 23 

C. 3389 

D. 110 

Answer: C 

Q68. Which of the following operating systems have Windows Security Health Agent (SHA) on computers and report their status to the Security Health Validator (SHV)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three. 

A. Windows 2000 Professional 

B. Windows Vista Business 

C. Windows XP Service Pack 3 

D. Windows 7 Professional 

Answer: BCD 

Q69. Mark works as a Network Administrator fot Blue Well Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark is facing a series of problems with email spam and identifying theft via phishing scams. He wants to implement the various security measures and to provide some education because it is related to the best practices while using email. Which of the following can Mark use to minimize the spam amount that is hitting the Microsoft Exchange server of the company? 

A. Enable reverse DNS lookup 

B. Use Read-only Domain Controller 

C. Add Sender Policy Framework 

D. Permit User Account Control 

Answer: A 

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Q70. Which of the following types of attack is used to configure a computer to behave as another computer on a trusted network by using the IP address or the physical address? 

A. Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack 

B. Honeypot 

C. RIP/SAP Spoofing 

D. Identity spoofing 

Answer: D 

Q71. Which of the following is a use of Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool? 

A. To gain unauthorized remote access to a computer and launch additional attacks. 

B. To distribute itself automatically from one computer to another via network connections. 

C. To remove the malware. 

D. To perform repetitive or time-consuming task on a network. 

Answer: C 

Q72. Mark works as a Network Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark wants to implement a method to ensure that the mobile devices are in a good state of security health when they are trying to access the corporate network. Which of the following is a control or strategy that Mark will implement to assure the security health?

A. TCP/IP protocol

B. Kerberos

C. Single Sign On

D. Network Access Protection

Answer: D

Q73. You work as an Exchange Administrator for UniCom Inc. The company has a Windows 2003 Active Directory-based network. The network contains an Exchange Server 2007 organization. You have deployed a DNS server in your messaging organization. The DNS server hosting the DNS zone data for the Exchange Server is not capable of processing dynamic DNS updates. You decide to troubleshoot DNS. Which of the following utilities will you use to identify anomalies of records in the targeted DNS zone?

A. Nslookup.exe



D. DNSLint

Answer: D

Q74. Mark works as a Network Administrator for BlueWell Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark has retained his services to perform a security assessment of the company's network that has various servers exposed to the Internet. So, it may be vulnerable to an attack. Mark is using a single perimeter ?rewall, but he does not know if that is enough. He wants to review the situation and make some reliable recommendations so that he can protect the data over company's network. Which of the following will Mark use to inspect network information on the basis of source and destination address? 

A. Stateless packet inspection 

B. Tricky packet inspection 

C. Stateful packet inspection 

D. Reaction based packet inspection 

Answer: A 

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Q75. Mark works as a Systems Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. The company is adding an open, high-speed, wireless access for their customers and secured wireless for employees at all 37 branches. He wants to check the various security concerns for ensuring that business traffic is secured. He is also under pressure to make this new feature a winning strategy for a company. Which of the following is the most secure protocol that Mark can implement to ensure that the business-related traffic is encrypted?

A. WiFi Protected Access (WPA) 2

B. Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

C. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

D. Service Set Identifiers

Answer: A

Q76. Which of the following states that a user should never be given more privileges than are required to

carry out a task?

A. Security through obscurity

B. Segregation of duties

C. Principle of least privilege

D. Role-based security

Answer: C 

Q77. Which of the following applications captures network packets as they traverse a network and displays them to the attacker? 

A. Keylogger 

B. Sniffer 

C. Key fob 

D. Protocol analyzer 

Answer: B 

Q78. Which of the following tools traces all or specific activities of a user on a computer?

A. Task Manager

B. Event Viewer

C. Network Monitor

D. Keylogger

Answer: D

Q79. Which of the following security features of IE 7+ makes it more difficult for malware to be installed? 

A. Security zones 

B. Phishing filter 

C. Protected mode 

D. Pop-up blocker 

Answer: C 

Q80. Which of the following services does IPSec provide for protecting data? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. 

A. Network authentication 

B. Encryption 

C. Data authentication 

D. Compression 

Answer: BC 

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