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A new attribute is added to the recipient schema. The error message shown below appears when opening the recipient. What is the cause of the error?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. The segment attribute is wrong.
  • B. The navtree definition isincorrect.
  • C. The value of the segment in the recipient record is incorrect.
  • D. The form definition is incorrect.

Answer: A

How would you setup a container in a form in order to make it visible for operators with the named right Managementgroup2?

  • A. <container xpath=”HasNamedRight” label=”Managementgroup2” visible=”true” …>
  • B. <container type=”visible”…><condition expr=”@namedRight = = ‘Managementgroup2’”/>…</container>
  • C. <container visibleIf=”HasNamedRight(‘Managementgroup2’)” …>…</container>
  • D. <container enableIf=”expr=’[@namedRight]= = Managementgroup2”’ …>…</container>

Answer: D

You create a new operator in Adobe Campaign. You decide the operator will NOT need access to the system via the rich client console. Which statement is true when rich client access is forbidden?

  • A. The operator cannot login via the rich client but has web access and is authorized to make API requests
  • B. The operator can only access the system through SSH
  • C. The operator cannot login via the rich client or make API requests but will have web access
  • D. The operator cannot login via the rich clientand has to access all functionality through a web interface

Answer: D

There are two distinct recipient folders for France and Germany. There are two operator groups for France and Germany that are assigned to each respective folder. A new regional manager joins the company and needs to be able to see both German and French recipients. How should you setup the rights of that user?

  • A. Assign the new operator to the Administrator group.
  • B. Assign the new operator to both French and German folders.
  • C. Assign the new operator to both French operator and the German operator group.
  • D. Assign the new operator to a new operator that has rights on both folders.

Answer: A

In order to restrict the choice of target elements in an input form a sysfilter was added via the link definition:
9A0-389 dumps exhibit
What is missing in line 4?

  • A. <element expr=”@domain =‘’”/>
  • B. <condition expr=”@domain = ‘’”/>
  • C. <element xpath=”@domain = ‘’”/>
  • D. <condition xpath=”@domain = ‘’”/>

Answer: B

The schema below contains an address element. How would you display the first line of the address?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. <input xpath=”location/address1”/>
  • B. <input xpath=”address1”/>
  • C. <input xpath=”location/@address1”/>
  • D. <input xpath=”@address1”/>

Answer: D

A new schema is defined. An error appears, as shown below, when the schema is saved. What could be the cause of the error?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. The xpath to the enumeration is incorrect.
  • B. The enumeration definition is incorrect.
  • C. The recipient schema is incorrect.
  • D. The eventType element is incorrect.

Answer: D

What is the effect of the following sysFilter when added to a Recipient schema extension?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. When viewing or loading Recipients in Adobe Campaign, only Recipients with an email address are displayed or loaded
  • B. All Web Applications that capture an email address will automatically validate that the field is not empty
  • C. Only Recipients with email address can be inserted into thedatabase
  • D. Recipients without email addresses will automatically be executed from email deliveries

Answer: C

You want to see the email column in the list of the field recipient records. What should you do?

  • A. Add the email to the navtree definition.
  • B. Add the email to the form definition.
  • C. Add the email to the “configure list” menu.
  • D. Add the email to the schema definition.

Answer: C

Which two parts of this query could potentially cause performance problems? (Choose two.)
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. The “equal to” operator is notefficient.
  • B. The “url” is a table with high volumes.
  • C. The “tracking log” is a table with high volumes.
  • D. The “exist such as” operator is not efficient.

Answer: CD

You want to create a landing page that has a width of exactly 800 pixels. What should you do?

  • A. Create an HTML nodewithin the page and specify the page width.
  • B. Open the page properties and set the “page width” attribute.
  • C. Open the rendering and add a CSS directive to overload the page width.
  • D. Create a JavaScript activity and set the page width attribute within the context.

Answer: B

Which XML element correctly defines a 32-bit integer field?

  • A. <attribute name=”count” label=”Count” type=”integer” />
  • B. <attribute name=”count”label=“Count” type=”long” />
  • C. <attribute name=”count” label=“Count” type=”integer” length=”32” />
  • D. <attribute name=”count” label=“Count” type=”long” length=”32” />

Answer: B

You need to display email, firstName and lastName according to the following layout. Which element or attribute should you use?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. length=”100” attribute on the email.
  • B. colspan=”2” attribute on the email.
  • C. <static/> element after the email.
  • D. <container/> element after the email.

Answer: A

A user receives an Adobe Campaign email notification where they are informed that approval is needed for a certain delivery. The user logs into the Adobe Campaign console and wants to approve the mentioned delivery via the delivery dashboard but the approval link is NOT displayed there. What would cause the approval link to NOT be shown?

  • A. The delivery has already been approved by another operator.
  • B. The user needs to belong to the “Delivery operators” group in order to see the link.
  • C. Only the link provided in the email notification can be used to approve the delivery.
  • D. The content of the delivery needs to be approved by another operator first.

Answer: A

Which attribute is mandatory when inserting a LinkList into a form?

  • A. An xpath attribute with a value set to the namespace and name of the foreign schema.
  • B. A zoom element with a value set to true or false.
  • C. An xpath attribute witha value set to the name of the link between the source and foreign schema.
  • D. A type attribute with a value set to “link-list”
  • E. An xpath attribute with a value set to the namespace of the foreign schema.

Answer: D

Which is required when creating a new Plan?

  • A. Description
  • B. Parent
  • C. Start and end date
  • D. Nature

Answer: D

Given the following schema, which is the correct syntax to display the “Birth date” field on an input form?
9A0-389 dumps exhibit

  • A. <input xpath=”recipient/@birthDate”/>
  • B. <input xpath=”birthDate type=”calendar”/>
  • C. <input xpath=”@birthDate’/>
  • D. <input xpath=”birthdate”/>

Answer: C

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