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Exam Code: AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
Certification Provider: Amazon
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2016 Jun AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q51. What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?

A. A scalable storage appliance on top of Amazon Web Services.

B. An application container on top of Amazon Web Services.

C. A service by this name doesn't exist.

D. A scalable cluster of EC2 instances.

Answer: B

Q52. You are using an ml .small EC2 Instance with one 300 GB EBS volume to host a relational database. You determined that write throughput to the database needs to be increased. Which of the following approaches can help achieve this? Choose 2 answers

A. Use an array of EBS volumes.

B. Enable Multi-AZ mode.

C. Place the instance in an Auto Scaling Groups

D. Add an EBS volume and place into RAID 5.

E. Increase the size of the EC2 Instance.

F. Put the database behind an Elastic Load Balancer.

Answer: BF

Q53. Is there any way to own a direct connection to Amazon Web Services?

A. You can create an encrypted tunnel to VPC, but you don't own the connection.

B. Yes, it's called Amazon Dedicated Connection.

C. No, AWS only allows access from the public Internet.

D. Yes, it's called Direct Connect.

Answer: D


Down to date AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate exam question:

Q54. While performing the volume status checks, if the status is insufficient-data, what does it mean?

A. the checks may still be in progress on the volume

B. the check has passed

C. the check has failed

Answer: A

Q55. You nave multiple Amazon EC2 instances running in a cluster across multiple Availability Zones within the same region. What combination of the following should be used to ensure the highest network performance (packets per second), lowest latency, and lowest jitter? Choose 3 answers

A. Amazon EC2 placement groups

B. Enhanced networking

C. Amazon PV AMI

D. Amazon HVM AMI

E. Amazon Linux

F. Amazon VPC

Answer: ABE

Q56. Which of the following are characteristics of a reserved instance? Choose 3 answers

A. It can be migrated across Availability Zones

B. It is specific to an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

C. It can be applied to instances launched by Auto Scaling

D. It is specific to an instance Type

E. It can be used to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a system

Answer: ADE

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Real AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate preparation exams:

Q57. In AWS, which security aspects are the customer's responsibility? Choose 4 answers

A. Security Group and ACL (Access Control List) settings

B. Decommissioning storage devices

C. Patch management on the EC2 instance's operating system

D. Life-cycle management of IAM credentials

E. Controlling physical access to compute resources

F. Encryption of EBS (Elastic Block Storage) volumes

Answer: ACDF

Q58. When using the following AWS services, which should be implemented in multiple Availability Zones for high availability solutions? Choose 2 answers

A. Amazon DynamoDB

B. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

C. Amazon Elastic Load Balancing

D. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

E. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Answer: BC

Q59. The one-time payment for Reserved Instances is refundable if the reservation is cancelled.

A. always

B. in some circumstances

C. never

Answer: C

Q60. What is the maximum key length of a tag?

A. 512 Unicode characters

B. 64 Unicode characters

C. 256 Unicode characters

D. 128 Unicode characters

Answer: D

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