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2016 Jun AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q201. embodies the "share-nothing" architecture and essentially involves breaking a large database into several smaller databases. Common ways to split a database include 1) splitting tables that are not joined in the same query onto different hosts or 2) duplicating a table across multiple hosts and then using a hashing algorithm to determine which host receives a given update.

A. Sharding

B. Failure recovery

C. Federation

D. DDL operations

Answer: A

Q202. Per the AWS Acceptable Use Policy, penetration testing of EC2 instances:

A. May be performed by AWS, and will be performed by AWS upon customer request.

B. May be performed by AWS, and is periodically performed by AWS.

C. Are expressly prohibited under all circumstances.

D. May be performed by the customer on their own instances with prior authorization from AWS.

E. May be performed by the customer on their own instances, only if performed from EC2 instances

Answer: D

Q203. What does Amazon EC2 provide?

A. Virtual servers in the Cloud.

B. A platform to run code (Java, PHP, Python), paying on an hourly basis.

C. Computer Clusters in the Cloud.

D. Physical servers, remotely managed by the customer.

Answer: A

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Q204. Which Amazon service can I use to define a virtual network that closely resembles a traditional data center?

A. Amazon VPC

B. Amazon ServiceBus

C. Amazon EMR

D. Amazon RDS

Answer: A

Q205. Refer to the architecture diagram above of a batch processing solution using Simple Queue Service (SOS) to set up a message queue between EC2 instances which are used as batch processors Cloud Watch monitors the number of Job requests (queued messages) and an Auto Scaling group adds or deletes batch servers automatically based on parameters set in Cloud Watch alarms. You can use this architecture to implement which of the following features in a cost effective and efficient manner?

A. Reduce the overall lime for executing jobs through parallel processing by allowing a busy EC2 instance that receives a message to pass it to the next instance in a daisy-chain setup.

B. Implement fault tolerance against EC2 instance failure since messages would remain in SQS and worn can continue with recovery of EC2 instances implement fault tolerance against SQS failure by backing up messages to S3.

C. Implement message passing between EC2 instances within a batch by exchanging messages through SOS.

D. Coordinate number of EC2 instances with number of job requests automatically thus Improving cost effectiveness.

E. Handle high priority jobs before lower priority jobs by assigning a priority metadata field to SQS messages.

Answer: B

Q206. True or False: Common points of failures like generators and cooling equipment are shared across Availability Zones.



Answer: B

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Q207. When an EC2 instance that is backed by an S3-based AMI is terminated, what happens to the data on the root volume?

A. Data is automatically saved as an EBS snapshot.

B. Data is automatically saved as an EBS volume.

C. Data is unavailable until the instance is restarted.

D. Data is automatically deleted.

Answer: D

Q208. Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Availability Zone as my primary?

A. Only for Oracle RDS types

B. Only if configured at launch

C. Yes

D. No

Answer: D

Q209. A/An acts as a firewall that controls the traffic allowed to reach one or more instances.

A. security group



D. Private IP Addresses

Answer: A

Q210. When running my DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, can I use the standby for read or write operations?

A. Yes

B. Only with MSSQL based RDS

C. Only for Oracle RDS instances

D. No

Answer: D

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