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2016 May AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q221. Your company previously configured a heavily used, dynamically routed VPN connection between your on-premises data center and AWS. You recently provisioned a DirectConnect connection and would like to start using the new connection. After configuring DirectConnect settings in the AWS Console, which of the following options win provide the most seamless transition for your users?

A. Delete your existing VPN connection to avoid routing loops configure your DirectConnect router with the appropriate settings and verity network traffic is leveraging DirectConnect.

B. Configure your DireclConnect router with a higher 8GP priority man your VPN router, verify network traffic is leveraging Directconnect and then delete your existing VPN connection.

C. Update your VPC route tables to point to the DirectConnect connection configure your DirectConnect router with the appropriate settings verify network traffic is leveraging DirectConnect and then delete the VPN connection.

D. Configure your DireclConnect router, update your VPC route tables to point to the DirectConnect connection, configure your VPN connection with a higher BGP pointy. And

verify network traffic is leveraging the DirectConnect connection.

Answer: D

Q222. While creating an Amazon RDS DB, your first task is to set up a DB that controls what IP addresses or EC2 instances have access to your DB Instance.

A. Security Pool

B. Secure Zone

C. Security Token Pool

D. Security Group

Answer: D

Q223. Before I delete an EBS volume, what can I do if I want to recreate the volume later?

A. Create a copy of the EBS volume (not a snapshot)

B. Store a snapshot of the volume

C. Download the content to an EC2 instance

D. Back up the data in to a physical disk

Answer: B


Renovate AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate study guide:

Q224. You are building a solution for a customer to extend their on-premises data center to AWS.

The customer requires a 50-Mbps dedicated and private connection to their VPC. Which AWS product or feature satisfies this requirement?

A. Amazon VPC peering

B. Elastic IP Addresses

C. AWS Direct Connect

D. Amazon VPC virtual private gateway

Answer: C

Q225. Can the string value of 'Key' be prefixed with laws?

A. No

B. Only for EC2 not S3

C. Yes

D. Only for S3 not EC

Answer: A

Q226. Amazon EC2 provides a repository of public data sets that can be seamlessly integrated into AWS cloud-based applications.What is the monthly charge for using the public data sets?

A. A 1 time charge of 10$ for all the datasets.

B. 1$ per dataset per month

C. 10$ per month for all the datasets

D. There is no charge for using the public data sets

Answer: D

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Q227. What is the Reduced Redundancy option in Amazon S3?

A. Less redundancy for a lower cost.

B. It doesn't exist in Amazon S3, but in Amazon EBS.

C. It allows you to destroy any copy of your files outside a specific jurisdiction.

D. It doesn't exist at all

Answer: A

Q228. Typically, you want your application to check whether a request generated an error before you spend any time processing results. The easiest way to find out if an error occurred is to look for an node in the response from the Amazon RDS API.

A. Incorrect

B. Error


Answer: B

Q229. Select the incorrect statement

A. In Amazon EC2, the private IP addresses only returned to Amazon EC2 when the instance is stopped or terminated

B. In Amazon VPC, an instance retains its private IP addresses when the instance is stopped.

C. In Amazon VPC, an instance does NOT retain its private IP addresses when the instance is stopped.

D. In Amazon EC2, the private IP address is associated exclusively with the instance for its lifetime

Answer: C

Q230. Provisioned IOPS Costs: you are charged for the IOPS and storage whether or not you use them in a given month.



Answer: B

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