Top 10 lab AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate for IT professionals (111 to 120)

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2016 May AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q111. What is the maximum key length of a tag?

A. 512 Unicode characters

B. 64 Unicode characters

C. 256 Unicode characters

D. 128 Unicode characters

Answer: D

Q112. Amazon S3 doesn't automatically give a user who creates permission to perform other actions on that bucket or object.

A. a file

B. a bucket or object

C. a bucket or file

D. a object or file

Answer: B

Q113. Because of the extensibility limitations of striped storage attached to Windows Server, Amazon RDS does not currently support increasing storage on a DB Instance.

A. SQL Server


C. Oracle

Answer: A

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Q114. You require the ability to analyze a customer's clickstream data on a website so they can do behavioral analysis. Your customer needs to know what sequence of pages and ads their customer clicked on. This data will be used in real time to modify the page layouts as customers click through the site to increase stickiness and advertising click-through. Which option meets the requirements for captioning and analyzing this data?

A. Log clicks in weblogs by URL store to Amazon S3, and then analyze with Elastic MapReduce

B. Push web clicks by session to Amazon Kinesis and analyze behavior using Kinesis workers

C. Write click events directly to Amazon Redshift and then analyze with SQL

D. Publish web clicks by session to an Amazon SQS queue men periodically drain these events to Amazon RDS and analyze with sol

Answer: B

Q115. HTTP Query-based requests are HTTP requests that use the HTTP verb GET or POST and a Query parameter named .

A. Action

B. Value

C. Reset

D. Retrieve

Answer: A

Q116. What is Oracle SQL Developer?

A. An AWS developer who is an expert in Amazon RDS using both the Oracle and SQL Server DB engines

B. A graphical Java tool distributed without cost by Oracle.

C. It is a variant of the SQL Server Management Studio designed by Microsoft to support

D. A different DBMS released by Microsoft free of cost

Answer: B

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Actual AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate lab:

Q117. Does Amazon Route 53 support NS Records?

A. Yes, it supports Name Service records.

B. No

C. It supports only MX records.

D. Yes, it supports Name Server records.

Answer: D

Q118. If I want an instance to have a public IP address, which IP address should I use?

A. Elastic IP Address

B. Class B IP Address

C. Class A IP Address

D. Dynamic IP Address

Answer: A

Q119. You must increase storage size in increments of at least %

A. 40

B. 20

C. 50

D. 10

Answer: D

Q120. What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?

A. A scalable storage appliance on top of Amazon Web Services.

B. An application container on top of Amazon Web Services.

C. A service by this name doesn't exist.

D. A scalable cluster of EC2 instances.

Answer: B

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