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2016 May AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q151. A Provisioned IOPS volume must be at least GB in size

A. 1

B. 50

C. 20

D. 10

Answer: D

Q152. Which of the following are characteristics of a reserved instance? Choose 3 answers

A. It can be migrated across Availability Zones

B. It is specific to an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

C. It can be applied to instances launched by Auto Scaling

D. It is specific to an instance Type

E. It can be used to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a system

Answer: ADE

Q153. What does Amazon CloudFormation provide?

A. None of these.

B. The ability to setup Autoscaling for Amazon EC2 instances.

C. A template to map network resources for Amazon Web Services.

D. A templated resource creation for Amazon Web Services.

Answer: D

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Q154. What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?

A. DB Instance

B. DB Unit

C. DB Server

D. DB Volume

Answer: A

Q155. You are designing a connectivity solution between on-premises infrastructure and Amazon VPC Your server’s on-premises will De communicating with your VPC instances You will De establishing IPSec tunnels over the internet You will be using VPN gateways and terminating the IPsec tunnels on AWS-supported customer gateways.

Which of the following objectives would you achieve by implementing an IPSec tunnel as outlined above? (Choose 4 answers)

A. End-to-end protection of data in transit

B. End-to-end Identity authentication

C. Data encryption across the Internet

D. Protection of data in transit over the Internet

E. Peer identity authentication between VPN gateway and customer gateway

F. Data integrity protection across the Internet

Answer: CDEF

Q156. You are looking to migrate your Development (Dev) and Test environments to AWS. You have decided to use separate AWS accounts to host each environment. You plan to link each accounts bill to a Master AWS account using Consolidated Billing. To make sure you Keep within budget you would like to implement a way for administrators in the Master account to have access to stop, delete and/or terminate resources in both the Dev and Test accounts. Identify which option will allow you to achieve this goal.

A. Create IAM users in the Master account with full Admin permissions. Create cross- account roles in the Dev and Test accounts that grant the Master account access to the resources in the account by inheriting permissions from the Master account.

B. Create IAM users and a cross-account role in the Master account that grants full Admin permissions to the Dev and Test accounts.

C. Create IAM users in the Master account Create cross-account roles in the Dev and Test accounts that have full Admin permissions and grant the Master account access.

D. Link the accounts using Consolidated Billing. This will give IAM users in the Master account access to resources in the Dev and Test accounts

Answer: A

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Q157. You've been hired to enhance the overall security posture for a very large e-commerce site They have a well architected multi-tier application running in a VPC that uses ELBs in front of both the web and the app tier with static assets served directly from S3 They are using a combination of RDS and DynamoOB for their dynamic data and then archiving nightly into S3 for further processing with EMR They are concerned because they found questionable log entries and suspect someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access.

Which approach provides a cost effective scalable mitigation to this kind of attack?

A. Recommend mat they lease space at a DirectConnect partner location and establish a 1G DirectConnect connection to tneirvPC they would then establish Internet connectivity into their space, filter the traffic in hardware Web Application Firewall (WAF). And then pass the traffic through the DirectConnect connection into their application running in their VPC.

B. Add previously identified hostile source IPs as an explicit INBOUND DENY NACL to the web tier subnet.

C. Add a WAF tier by creating a new ELB and an AutoScalmg group of EC2 Instances running a host-based WAF They would redirect Route 53 to resolve to the new WAF tier ELB The WAF tier would thier pass the traffic to the current web tier The web tier Security

Groups would be updated to only allow traffic from the WAF tier Security Group

D. Remove all but TLS 1 2 from the web tier ELB and enable Advanced Protocol Filtering This will enable the ELB itself to perform WAF functionality.

Answer: C

Q158. Your company has an on-premises multi-tier PHP web application, which recently experienced downtime due to a large burst In web traffic due to a company announcement Over the coming days, you are expecting similar announcements to drive similar unpredictable bursts, and are looking to find ways to quickly improve your infrastructures ability to handle unexpected increases in traffic.

The application currently consists of 2 tiers A web tier which consists of a load balancer and several Linux Apache web servers as well as a database tier which hosts a Linux server hosting a MySQL database.

Which scenario below will provide full site functionality, while helping to improve the ability of your application in the short timeframe required?

A. Offload traffic from on-premises environment Setup a CloudFront distribution and configure CloudFront to cache objects from a custom origin Choose to customize your object cache behavior, and select a TTL that objects should exist in cache.

B. Migrate to AWS Use VM import ‘Export to quickly convert an on-premises web server to an AMI create an Auto Scaling group, which uses the imported AMI to scale the web tier based on incoming traffic Create an RDS read replica and setup replication between the RDS instance and on-premises MySQL server to migrate the database.

C. Failover environment: Create an S3 bucket and configure it tor website hosting Migrate your DNS to Route53 using zone (lie import and leverage Route53 DNS failover to failover to the S3 hosted website.

D. Hybrid environment Create an AMI which can be used of launch web serfers in EC2 Create an Auto Scaling group which uses the * AMI to scale the web tier based on incoming traffic Leverage Elastic Load Balancing to balance traffic between on-premises web servers and those hosted in AWS.

Answer: C

Q159. Amazon EC2 has no Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) because you can't specify a particular Amazon EC2 resource in an IAM policy.



Answer: A

Q160. What's an ECU?

A. Extended Cluster User.

B. None of these.

C. Elastic Computer Usage.

D. Elastic Compute Unit.

Answer: D

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