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2016 May AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q151. What is the durability of S3 RRS?

A. 99.99%

B. 99.95%

C. 99.995%

D. 99.999999999%

Answer: A

Q152. You need a persistent and durable storage to trace call activity of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Call duration is mostly in the 2-3 minutes timeframe. Each traced call can be either active or terminated. An external application needs to know each minute the list of currently active calls, which are usually a few calls/second. Put once per month there is a periodic peak up to 1000 calls/second for a few hours The system is open 24/7 and any downtime should be avoided. Historical data is periodically archived to files. Cost saving is a priority for this project.

What database implementation would better fit this scenario, keeping costs as low as possible?

A. Use RDS Multi-AZ with two tables, one for -Active calls" and one for -Terminated calls". In this way the "Active calls_ table is always small and effective to access.

B. Use DynamoDB with a "Calls" table and a Global Secondary Index on a "IsActive'" attribute that is present for active calls only In this way the Global Secondary index is sparse and more effective.

C. Use DynamoDB with a 'Calls" table and a Global secondary index on a 'State" attribute that can equal to "active" or "terminated" in this way the Global Secondary index can be used for all Items in the table.

D. Use RDS Multi-AZ with a "CALLS" table and an Indexed "STATE* field that can be equal to 'ACTIVE" or -TERMINATED" In this way the SOL query Is optimized by the use of the Index.

Answer: A

Q153. It is advised that you watch the Amazon CloudWatch " " metric (available via the AWS Management Console or Amazon Cloud Watch APIs) carefully and recreate the Read Replica should it fall behind due to replication errors.

A. Write Lag

B. Read Replica

C. Replica Lag

D. Single Replica

Answer: C


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Q154. Provisioned IOPS Costs: you are charged for the IOPS and storage whether or not you use them in a given month.



Answer: A

Q155. Can you create IAM security credentials for existing users?

A. Yes, existing users can have security credentials associated with their account.

B. No, IAM requires that all users who have credentials set up are not existing users

C. No, security credentials are created within GROUPS, and then users are associated to GROUPS at a later time.

D. Yes, but only IAM credentials, not ordinary security credentials.

Answer: A

Q156. While signing in REST/ Query requests, for additional security, you should transmit your requests using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by using   


B. Internet Protocol Security(IPsec)

C. TLS (Transport Layer Security)


Answer: D

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Q157. Can we attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?

A. No

B. Yes.

C. Only EC2-optimized EBS volumes.

D. Only in read mode.

Answer: A

Q158. Can a 'user' be associated with multiple AWS accounts?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: A

Q159. A web-startup runs its very successful social news application on Amazon EC2 with an Elastic Load Balancer, an Auto-Scaling group of Java/Tomcat application-servers, and DynamoDB as data store. The main web-application best runs on m2 x large instances since it is highly memory- bound Each new deployment requires semi-automated creation and testing of a new AMI for the application servers which takes quite a while ana is therefore only done once per week.

Recently, a new chat feature has been implemented in nodejs and wails to be integrated in the architecture. First tests show that the new component is CPU bound Because the company has some experience with using Chef, they decided to streamline the deployment process and use AWS Ops Works as an application life cycle tool to simplify management of the application and reduce the deployment cycles.

What configuration in AWS Ops Works is necessary to integrate the new chat module in the most cost-efficient and flexible way?

A. Create one AWS Ops Works stack, create one AWS Ops Works layer, create one custom recipe

B. Create one AWS Ops Works stack create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe

C. Create two AWS Ops Works stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe

D. Create two AWS Ops Works stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create two custom recipe

Answer: C

Q160. A is a document that provides a formal statement of one or more permissions.

A. policy

B. permission

C. Role

D. resource

Answer: A

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