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2016 Jul comptia cv0-001:

Q31. Which of the following is the most effective way of assessing employees' skill levels? 

A. Evaluate job performance. 

B. Consider the length of time with the company 

C. Review results of job-specific test scenarios. 

D. Assess results of examinations with true/false questions 

Answer: A 


Q32. Which security feature will black-out or white-out certain portions of a document? 

A. Retraction 

B. Retention 

C. Redaction 

D. Reduction 

Answer: C 


Q33. A Project Manager has been informed that some operational users are reluctant to use the new Document Management System (DMS). What is the MOST appropriate method to address this situation? 

A. Immediately outsource the operation 

B. Allow the users time to become familiar with the system 

C. Provide additional training and communicate the benefits of the system 

D. Assemble the managers and let them know of the changes to the system 

Answer: C 


Q34. The customer is seeking a document management solution strategy. They have been scanning to a file server with RAID5. The chief search criteria are filename attributes. Each of the end-user desktops has a search engine installed. What is the recommended solution? 

A. The customer purchases a SQL-based Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution. 

B. The customer purchases an outsourced EDM solution that provides full-text retrieval. 

C. The customer maintains their current approach and uses a web browser with the search engine to find documents. 

D. The customer implements an EDM solution using OCR and a dual track indexing with full-text capabilities. 

Answer: C 


Q35. A customer is performing incremental backups nightly. At the end of the month they review a list of documents that have reached their end of life and determine if they can be destroyed. Which of the following BEST describes the records storage management process? 

A. The customer does not have a records management process. 

B. The customer has an informal records management process. 

C. The customer has a formal records storage management process. 

D. The customer has a document capture process. 

Answer: C 


CD0-001  free exam questions

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Q36. Documents on an integrated server are increasing in volume and need to be available in an online status. Which of the following methods is the MOST appropriate regarding low cost, ease of upgrade, and management? 

A. Network Attached Storage (NAS) 

B. Storage Area Network (SAN) 



Answer: A 


Q37. Exambible has several departments that operate independently but are on the same LAN, causing excessive network traffic. Each department has its own scanning stations and servers. Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate in addressing the problems caused by the excessive network traffic? 

A. Segment the network 

B. Change the networking protocol 

C. Install a modem to isolate the servers 

D. Change to a cable with a higher bandwidth 

Answer: A 


Q38. When a workflow system is designed, what technique can be used to speed up approval cycles for documents when multiple people are involved? 

A. Parallel routing 

B. Multiple servers 

C. Sequential routing 

D. Automatic recognition 

Answer: A 


Q39. A company would like to capture and manage paper-based documents as well as electronic documents. Which system would BEST allow them to accomplish this? 

A. Web-based forms capture system 

B. XML-based forms capture system 

C. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 

D. Peer-to-Peer network system 

Answer: C 


Q40. While validating requirements, it becomes apparent that multiple solutions could fit the customers needs. The consultant should: 

A. pick the solution they feel is best suited. 

B. choose the least expensive option in terms of price to help win the business. 

C. present the alternatives to the customer for discussion. 

D. pick the most feature rich solution. 

Answer: C 


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