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Q191. A large bank deploys hardware tokens to all customers that use their online banking system. The token generates and displays a six digit numeric password every 60 seconds. The customers must log into their bank accounts using this numeric password. This is an example of 

A. asynchronous token. 

B. Single Sign-On (SSO) token. 

C. single factor authentication token. 

D. synchronous token. 



In which order, from MOST to LEAST impacted, does user awareness training reduce the occurrence of the events below?.


Q193. Following the completion of a network security assessment, which of the following can BEST be demonstrated? 

A. The effectiveness of controls can be accurately measured 

B. A penetration test of the network will fail 

C. The network is compliant to industry standards 

D. All unpatched vulnerabilities have been identified 


Q194. The.Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).is implemented in the 

A. system software. 

B. system hardware. 

C. application software. 

D. network hardware. 


Q195. Which of the following is the best practice for testing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)? 

A. Test.before the IT Audit 

B. Test when environment changes 

C. Test after installation of security patches 

D. Test after implementation of system patches 


Q196. Which of the following methods protects.Personally Identifiable.Information (PII).by use of a full replacement of the data element? 

A. Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) 

B. Column level database encryption 

C. Volume encryption 

D. Data tokenization 


Q197. What should happen when an emergency change to.a system.must be performed? 

A. The change must be given priority at the next meeting of the change control board. 

B. Testing and approvals must be performed quickly. 

C. The change must be performed immediately and then submitted to the change board. 

D. The change is performed and a notation is made in the system log. 


Q198. Why MUST a Kerberos server be well protected from unauthorized access? 

A. It contains the keys of all clients. 

B. It always operates at root privilege. 

C. It contains all the tickets for services. 

D. It contains the Internet Protocol (IP) address of all network entities. 


Q199. Which of the following is the BEST example of weak management commitment to the protection of security assets and resources? 

A. poor governance over security processes and procedures 

B. immature security controls and procedures 

C. variances against regulatory requirements 

D. unanticipated increases in security incidents and threats 


Q200. Which of the following is a process within a Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) stage? 

A. Requirements Analysis 

B. Development and Deployment 

C. Production Operations 

D. Utilization Support 


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