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Q131. A security consultant has been asked to research an organization's legal obligations to protect privacy-related information. What kind of reading material is MOST relevant to this project? 

A. The organization's current security policies concerning privacy issues 

B. Privacy-related regulations enforced by governing bodies applicable to the organization 

C. Privacy best practices published by recognized security standards organizations 

D. Organizational procedures designed to protect privacy information 


Q132. Which of the following could elicit a.Denial of.Service (DoS).attack against a credential management system? 

A. Delayed revocation or destruction of credentials 

B. Modification of Certificate Revocation List 

C. Unauthorized renewal or re-issuance 

D. Token use after decommissioning 


Q133. Which of the following provides the MOST protection against data theft of sensitive information when a laptop is stolen? 

A. Set up a BIOS and operating system password 

B. Encrypt the virtual drive where confidential files can be stored 

C. Implement a mandatory policy in which sensitive data cannot be stored on laptops, but only on the corporate network 

D. Encrypt the entire disk and delete contents after a set number of failed access attempts 


Q134. What security management control is MOST often broken by collusion? 

A. Job rotation 

B. Separation of duties 

C. Least privilege model 

D. Increased monitoring 


Q135. What is an important characteristic of Role Based Access Control (RBAC)? 

A. Supports Mandatory Access Control (MAC) 

B. Simplifies the management of access rights 

C. Relies on rotation of duties 

D. Requires.two factor authentication 


Q136. What is an effective practice when returning electronic storage media to third parties for repair? 

A. Ensuring the media is not labeled in any way that indicates the organization's name. 

B. Disassembling the media and removing parts that may contain sensitive data. 

C. Physically breaking parts of the media that may contain sensitive data. 

D. Establishing a contract with the third party regarding the secure handling of the media. 


Q137. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the security functional requirements of Common Criteria? 

A. Level of assurance of the Target of Evaluation (TOE) in intended operational environment 

B. Selection to meet the security objectives stated in test documents 

C. Security behavior expected of a TOE 

D. Definition of the roles and responsibilities 


Q138. What is the PRIMARY advantage of using automated application security testing tools? 

A. The application can be protected in the production environment. 

B. Large amounts of code can be tested using fewer resources. 

C. The application will fail less when tested using these tools. 

D. Detailed testing of code functions can be performed. 


Q139. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization has hired an information security officer to lead their security department. The officer has adequate people resources but is lacking the other necessary components to have an effective security program. There are numerous initiatives requiring security involvement. 

The effectiveness of the security program can PRIMARILY be measured through 

A. audit findings. 

B. risk elimination. 

C. audit requirements. 

D. customer satisfaction. 


Q140. Which of the following is a reason to use manual patch installation instead of automated patch management? 

A. The cost required to install patches will be reduced. 

B. The time during which systems will remain vulnerable to an exploit will be decreased. 

C. The likelihood of system or application incompatibilities will be decreased. 

D. The ability to cover large geographic areas is increased. 


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