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2016 May CV0-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which of the following types of storage technologies uses fiber channel protocols? 





Answer: A 

Q42. Which of the following access control types allows users to assign security attributes to objects such as files and directories? 

A. Role based 

B. Mandatory 

C. Discretionary 

D. Rule set based 

Answer: C 

Q43. Which of the following detection controls can be used to identify an unauthorized individual who accessed a remote network share? 

A. Obfuscation 

B. Authentication 

C. Log review 

D. LUN masking 

Answer: C 

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Avant-garde CV0-001 study guide:

Q44. Which of the following are components of an Object-Based Storage system? (Select TWO). 

A. HBAs 

B. Public Network 

C. Nodes 

D. Private Network 

E. Mainframes 

Answer: CD 

Q45. A technician wants to configure a server for storage redundancy so that if any two of the four drives fail, the server is still operational. Which of the following should the technician configure? 

A. RAID 0 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 5 

D. RAID 6 

Answer: D 

Q46. Which of the following is a subcomponent of a virtual machine? 

A. Virtual switch 

B. Virtual HBA 

C. Virtual shield 

D. Virtual OS 

Answer: B 

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Realistic CV0-001 preparation exams:

Q47. Which of the following will explain why only some of the CPU cycles are available to a virtualized server using two virtualized processors? 

A. Extra processing is needed to store encryption keys used for secure transmission between the server and the network. 

B. Additional processing is used to run ports and services not turned off through the process of server hardening. 

C. Some processing is required for operational overhead on the processor and between the physical and virtualized processors. 

D. Significant processing is used to create and maintain the cache on multi-core processors. 

Answer: C 

Q48. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has recently implemented a policy requiring all critical systems, including the virtualized environment to be highly available in the primary datacenter. The organization also maintains a cold site for disaster recovery. Which of the following BEST satisfies this requirement? 

A. Implement two hosts in a local cluster in the primary datacenter. 

B. Implement two hosts in the primary datacenter. 

C. Implement two hosts in a geo-cluster, one in the primary datacenter and one in the cold site. 

D. Implement data mirroring between the primary datacenter to the cold site. 

Answer: A 

Q49. A company has an existing internal network that hosts confidential information. However, this network also has a connection to a separate site. The separate site is managed by a third party organization that has an SLA with the company. Which of the following BEST defines this cloud delivery model? 

A. Private Cloud 

B. Public Cloud 

C. Community Cloud 

D. Hybrid Cloud 

Answer: D 

Q50. A system administrator wants to create a mitigation strategy to quickly roll back a virtual image after applying the latest updates. Which of the following would the administrator utilize? 

A. File backup 

B. Snapshot 

C. Offline backup 

D. Image backup 

Answer: B 

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