JK0-017 class(190 to 210) for consumer: Mar 2016 Edition

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2016 Mar JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q190. Which of the following represents the EAC of an ongoing project with an AC of $100,000, a CV of $10,000 and an ETC of $50,000? 

A. $90,000 

B. $140,000 

C. $150,000 

D. $160,000 

E. The project is taking longer than the estimated schedule. 

F. The project is costing less than the estimated budget. 

G. The project is taking less time than the estimated schedule. 

H. The project is costing more than the estimated budget. 

Answer: C 

Q191. A project manager seeks to implement a change control system. Which of the following elements are essential for this system to be effective? (Select Three). 

A. Change request form 

B. Sponsor communication 

C. Approval mechanism 

D. Pareto chart 

E. Impact analysis 

F. Earned Value (EV) analysis 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q192. Which of the following contract types places the LEAST amount of risk on the seller? 

A. Fixed-Price 

B. Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) 

C. Cost-Plus-Fee (CPF) 

D. Time and material 

Answer: D 

Q193. Which of the following is the method for determining the critical path of a project? 

A. Determine the BAC of a project and the AC at completion; calculate the difference. 

B. Examine the project schedule and determine the two most critical milestones; then calculate the total time from the start of the first determined milestone to the end of the second. 

C. Examine the project schedule and place all scheduled activities on one time-line, regardless as to whether they are being implemented in parallel. Then calculate the total time taken. 

D. Examine the project schedule and calculate the total time taken for all scheduled activities, from commencement of the project to closure, with zero float. 

Answer: D 

Q194. Which of the following activities would happen FIRST in procurement management? 

A. Request seller responses. 

B. Perform a make or buy analysis. 

C. Perform contract administration. 

D. Perform vendor selection. 

Answer: B 

Q195. Which of the following is a characteristic of a project charter? 

A. Issued by the project manager with support from the project sponsor. 

B. Links the project to the on-going work of the organization through a business plan. 

C. Formally recognizes the existence or establishment of the project. 

D. Provides low-level requirements for the project. 

Answer: C 

Q196. Which of the following are created using information contained in the work breakdown structure (WBS)? (Select Two). 

A. Project scope statement 

B. Project statement of work 

C. Project charter 

D. Project activity estimates 

E. Project resource estimates 

Answer: D,E 

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Q197. Which of the following may require a modification to the project scope baseline?

A. An approved project change request 

B. A team member removed from the project 

C. A task that is falling behind schedule 

D. An identified product quality issue 

Answer: A 

Q198. Several project team members are in conflict about the lighting in their office and the noise level. Which of the following describes this type of conflict? 

A. Forming 

B. Competing resource demands 

C. Varying work styles 

D. Expert judgment 

Answer: C 

Q199. Which of the following is the main objective for a work breakdown structure (WBS)? 

A. To develop a proven methodology that will assist the project manager with the delegation of authority. 

B. To decompose the project down into manageable parts. 

C. To develop the estimating and detailed scheme of the project. 

D. To build on individual development, independent of the team efforts. 

Answer: B 

Q200. Which of the following would be included in a project scope document? (Select Three). 

A. Project constraints 

B. Gantt chart 

C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 

D. Project roles and responsibilities 

E. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

F. Detailed project objectives 

Answer: A,E,F 

Q201. All of the following are considered part of the risk management plan EXCEPT the risk: 

A. register. 

B. matrix. 

C. assessment. 

D. baseline. 

Answer: D 

Q202. During execution of the project, the project sponsor informs the project manager that a requirement needs to be added to the scope statement. Which of the following is the FIRST action that the project manager should take? 

A. Evaluate the impact of the change on the project. 

B. Call the project team members together to determine how to handle the change. 

C. Change the work breakdown structure (WBS) to include all the tasks involved with this change. 

D. Rewrite the statement of work (SOW) to include the proposed change. 

Answer: A 

Q203. During execution, a project manager of a construction project requires certain project team members to work outdoors, atop tall buildings. Which of the following would BEST mitigate the risk of injury to those team members, without affecting the approved project schedule? 

A. Ensure that project team members do not work in very windy weather. 

B. Ensure that project team members are furnished with slip-resistant boots. 

C. Ensure that project team members are trained in injury response. 

D. Ensure that project team members are covered by applicable insurance. 

Answer: B 

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Q204. In which of the following organization types would a project manager have the MOST authority? 

A. Projectized 

B. Balanced Matrix 

C. Weak Matrix 

D. Functional 

Answer: A 

Q205. Which of the following would MOST likely contain warranty information for the project deliverable? 

A. Scope statement 

B. Cost baseline 

C. Risk assessment 

D. Transition plan 

Answer: D 

Q206. Which of the following is an example of risk mitigation? 

A. Reduce the likelihood of the risk. 

B. Transfer ownership of the risk. 

C. Update the risk management plan. 

D. Change the project scope to eliminate the risk. 

Answer: A 

Q207. A project manager needs to replace someone on the project team. Which of the following is the FIRST action they should take? 

A. Consult the project staffing plan. 

B. Notify the human resources department to open a job posting. 

C. Search for skilled subcontractors who could quickly fill the opening. 

D. Ask the project sponsor for another resource. 

Answer: A 

Q208. A project manager is informed that material expenditures will increase. Which of the following documents should be referenced to address this increase? 

A. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 

B. Cost management plan 

C. Approved project charter 

D. Project scope document 

Answer: B 

Q209. In which of the following organization types would a project manager have the LEAST amount of project authority? 

A. Functional 

B. Strong Matrix 

C. Balanced Matrix 

D. Weak Matrix 

Answer: A 

Q210. Which of the following are common causes of project team conflict? (Select Two). 

A. Project schedule 

B. Competing resource demands 

C. Project budget 

D. Varying work styles 

E. Time zone differences 

Answer: B,D