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Q21. You are processing a customer payment and want to generate a payment line based on due date so that you can search the invoice lines that meet selected search criteria.

What should you do?

A. Use Settlement

B. Use payment transfer.

C. Use Manual Payment Journal

D. Use Payment proposal

Answer: A

Q22. You need to analyze the maturity of customer accounts and vendor accounts, based on a date that you enter. The date entered, together with the Unit and Interval information defined, will be used to calculate and view the transactions.

What should you do?

A. Set up Aging period definition.

B. Set up Customer pool.

C. Set up Aging snapshot.

D. Set up interest codes.

Answer: C

Q23. You are an accounts payable clerk. During a check run, Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials generates a check and posts the payment journal. The check is sent to the vendor, but you then learn form the vendor that the check has not been received. In order to reverse the check payment, which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Go into the check reversal journal, and post the check reversal

B. From the Settle transaction screen on the vendor record, select the invoice and payment, and post it.

C. From the checks from select to reverse the check

D. Create a new vendor payment journal and add a reversing entry.

Answer: C,D

Q24. You are the director of finance.

You are starting to create budgets for the fiscal year and want to generate budget plans from prior year expenses. However, this year, you know your expenses will be more than last.

Which field should you set in the generate budget plan from the general ledger form to account for this increase in budget?

A. Minimum

B. Percent

C. Factor

D. Rounding rule

Answer: B

Q25. Your company has acquired an additional company and wants any differences from the consolidation to be posted to the profit and loss account.

What should you configure to achieve this goal?

A. account for automatic transactions

B. transaction posting definitions

C. liquidity accounts

D. balance control account

Answer: A

Q26. You need to create a new fixed asset and assign a depreciation profile.

You want this fixed asset to be depreciated by the same percentage in each depreciation period.

Which depreciation method should be set in the depreciation profile?

A. factor

B. manual

C. reducing balance

D. straight line service life

Answer: D

Q27. You are setting up taxes on customer invoices. You need to report a sales tax on the invoice, as and when it is settled, to the tax authorities.

When the customer settles the invoice with the second payment of 625 USD, you report the remaining sales tax. What should you set up in this situation?

A. Withholding sales tax

B. Sales tax exemption

C. Standard sales tax

D. Conditional sales taxes

Answer: D

Q28. You have a new customer who pays their invoices on Tuesday and Thursday of every week You need to define this payment t cycle on the customer record.

What should you do?

A. Create a Method of Payment with this payment cycle, and assign it to the customer.

B. Create a Farms of Payment with this payment cycle, and assign it to the customer record

C. Create a Payment Day with this payment cycle, and assign it to the customer.

D. Create a Payment Schedule with this payment cycle, and assign it to the customer.

Answer: C

Q29. You are creating a budget register entry. You notice that a manual budget reservation will

exceed the budget.

What should you do within the budget register entry to satisfy the over-budget condition?

A. enter recurrence

B. transfer balances

C. allocate across periods

D. allocate across dimensions

Answer: A

Q30. An organization has a policy of charging the same depreciation amount for the fixed asset in each de-preciation period. You need to configure depreciation according to this policy. Which depreciation method should you use?

A. Straight line service life

B. Consumption

C. Reducing balance

D. Factor

Answer: A

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