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2016 Mar N10-004 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. The plans for a new office require 300 network connections. Which of the following network sizes should be allocated to the new office?

A. /23

B. /24

C. /25

D. /30

Answer: A

Q62. Switch A is configured with VLAN 105 and 106. Switch B is configured with VLAN 105 and 107. Both switches are connected with a fiber cable. In order for packets from all VLANs to cross the fiber cable, which of the following configurations MUST be present?

A. Reverse ARP

B. Full duplex on the fiber link

C. PoE

D. 802.1q trunking

Answer: D

Q63. When ordering switches for a new building, which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to determine the number of switches to put in each network closet?

A. Review the architectural plans to see how many drops go to each closet.

B. Count the number of rooms near each closet and standardize eight drops per room.

C. Wireless is the new standard and no network switches will be needed in the building.

D. Count the number of phone ports and configure two network ports for each phone port.

Answer: A

Q64. A new company has been given one public IP address. The company employs 200 users requiring Internet access from the headquarters. Which of the following can be implemented to provide Internet access for all the employees?

A. Multicasting

B. Proxy server


D. Subnetting

Answer: C

Q65. Which of the following commands can be used to add a default gateway to a host?

A. route add gw

B. traceroute -d

C. ping -s 1

D. ifconfig eth0

Answer: A

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Up to date N10-004 exam guide:

Q66. In an environment with STP disabled, which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the exponential increase in repeated packets transferred through the network?

A. Incorrect subnet mask

B. Mismatched MTU

C. Switching loop

D. VLAN mismatch

Answer: C

Q67. Which of the following provides VPN services at the HIGHEST OSI level?


B. IPSec



Answer: D

Q68. Measuring and recording network performance during normal operations to compare later changes is called:

A. stress testing.

B. regression testing.

C. leveling.

D. baselining.

Answer: D

Q69. An administrator is deploying three B/G wireless access points in a new office location. Which of the following channels eliminates interference?

A. 1, 6, and 11

B. 3, 6, and 9

C. 11, 16, and 20

D. 36, 40, and 44

Answer: A

Q70. Users have reported slow access times when retrieving information from a server on the company's network. Which of the following tools would provide access time information on each segment of the network to reach the server?

A. arp

B. route

C. ipconfig

D. tracert

Answer: D

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Actual N10-004 practice exam:

Q71. Which of the following cable types has the reception and transmission leads flipped on opposing ends of the media?

A. Rollover

B. Patch

C. Serial

D. Crossover

Answer: D

Q72. Which of the following WAN protocols is a circuit switching technology?



C. Frame Relay


Answer: A

Q73. Which of the following is the MAXIMUM distance a single 1000BaseT segment can cover?

A. 100 kilometers (62 miles)

B. 10 kilometers (6 miles)

C. 1000 meters (3281 feet)

D. 100 meters (328 feet)

Answer: D

Q74. Which of the following features enables a firewall to inspect a packet based on connection status?

A. Port forwarding

B. Stateful inspection

C. Signature identification

D. Stateless inspection

Answer: B

Q75. Which of the following is inversely proportional to a wireless client connection speed?

A. Encryption of the connection

B. Frequency of the access point

C. ESSID length on the access point

D. Distance from the access point

Answer: D