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Exam Code: N10-004 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 Apr N10-004 Study Guide Questions:

Q406. A technician is setting up a new wireless network in an office where there are existing APs broadcasting on channels 6 and 11. Which of the following would be the BEST channel to use for the new network to keep interference to a minimum?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 10

D. 22

Answer: A

Q407. Which of the following is an invalid IPv4 address?





Answer: C

Q408. Which of the following is a reason to block FTP at the corporate firewall?

A. It does not transfer encrypted files.

B. It cannot be tunneled in a VPN.

C. It is a deprecated protocol.

D. It transmits passwords in clear text.

Answer: D

Q409. Which of the following protocols should be used to monitor network performance?





Answer: D

Q410. 802.11g wireless signals operating at 2.4GHz has a maximum line of sight range of which of the following?

A. 460 feet (140 meters)

B. 540 feet (165 meters)

C. 560 feet (171 meters)

D. 840 feet (256 meters)

Answer: A

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Q411. A small business with eight employees has just opened their office in a renovated loft in a busy downtown area. The owner of the building does not want to run any additional wiring beyond power, to preserve the historic nature of the building. Because of this stipulation, almost all tenants in the building have chosen to implement wireless. Which of the following should be the FIRST step in setting up this SOHO network?

A. Run a wireless site survey.

B. Speak to tenants to determine their telephone standards.

C. Install and configure a Gigabit switch.

D. Determine the operating system versions.

Answer: A

Q412. Which of the following is used to serve as an emergency backup line to troubleshoot a broadband connection on many routers?




D. Smart jack

Answer: B

Q413. In which of the following layers of the OSI model does the TCP protocol operate?

A. Session

B. Network

C. Data link

D. Transport

Answer: D

Q414. When installing two 802.11g access points in the same building, which of the following channels will MOST likely be used to minimize interference?

A. 5 and 6

B. 1and 6

C. 6 and 10

D. 2 and 6

Answer: B

Q415. Which of the following interfaces is used to connect analog devices to the Internet?





Answer: A

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Q416. Creating a uniform user environment throughout the network can BEST be achieved by using which of the following?

A. Honeypots

B. Virtual switches

C. Virtual PBX

D. Virtual desktops

Answer: D

Q417. A natural disaster has occurred and the administrator must return the network to a healthy status. Which of the following should the administrator do in this case?

A. Follow the emergency action plan.

B. Wait for an issue to be reported.

C. Establish a new baseline.

D. Determine if escalation is necessary.

Answer: A

Q418. Which of the following monitors a server to see which protocols might be in use?

A. Ping sweep

B. Intrusion detection software

C. Port scanner

D. Wireless packet sniffer

Answer: C

Q419. A workstation is having connectivity issues when being added to the domain. Which of the following commands would allow the administrator to see the DNS and WINS servers that are currently configured for the workstation?

A. ipconfig

B. nslookup

C. netstat

D. nbtstat

Answer: A

Q420. Which of the following routing protocols involves all routers knowing the connections status of other routers within the network?

A. RIPv2




Answer: B