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Exam Code: N10-005 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 Jun N10-005 Study Guide Questions:

Q171. A customer has requested that a new piece of network equipment be installed so that the customer can have multiple subnets for each department, but allow network traffic from each department to reach one another without the use of a router. Which of the following network devices would satisfy this customer’s requirements? 

A. Packet filter 

B. Layer 3 switch 

C. Stateful firewall 

D. Wireless bridge 

Answer: B 

Q172. An administrator is able to list the interfaces on a switch after providing the community string "public". Which of the protocols is the administrator MOST likely using? 

A. Telnet 




Answer: D 

Q173. Users are reporting a large decrease in network performance. After further investigation, the network administrator notices large amounts of traffic coming from a specific IP address. The network administrator needs to identify the payload of the network traffic. Which of the following could be used to collect that information? 

A. ipconfig 

B. ping 

C. sniffer 

D. route 

Answer: C 

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Renovate network + practice questions n10-005:

Q174. Which of the following BEST describes the definition of DHCP? 

A. DHCP is utilized to dynamically lease IP addresses to hosts. 

B. DHCP is utilized to statically lease IP address to hosts. 

C. DHCP is utilized to permanently lease IP address dynamically to hosts. 

D. DHCP is utilized to permanently lease IP address statically to hosts. 

Answer: A 

Q175. A user’s network connection is slow. After testing the cabling, the cable tester shows that only pins 1, 2, 3 and 6 are being used. After accurately terminating both ends, the tester displays the same results. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? 

A. DB loss on the cable 

B. Interference 

C. Split cable 

D. Distance limitations 

Answer: C 

Q176. A user informs the network administrator of increasingly common wireless connection problems. The administrator determines the user has recently received a new cordless phone. The phone is MOST likely causing which of the following conditions? 

A. Signal strength latency 

B. Bouncing signal 

C. Interference 

D. Crosstalk 

Answer: C 


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Q177. A technician is troubleshooting Internet connectivity for a PC. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for Internet connectivity issues upon inspecting the routing table? 

A. The router should be listed as 

B. The NIC is set to the wrong subnet mask 

C. The route of last resort is missing 

D. Loopback traffic is weighted higher than NIC interface traffic 

Answer: C 

Q178. An administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a program that is unable to resolve IP addresses from FQDNs. Which of the following commands is used to check reverse DNS settings? 

A. dig 

B. ifconfig 

C. nbtstat 

D. route 

Answer: A 

Q179. Users report that they are unable to access any external websites. The local intranet is not affected. A network technician has isolated the problem to a Linux-based server. Which of the following commands will enable the technician to view DNS information on the Linux-based server? 

A. nbtstat 

B. ipconfig 

C. dig 

D. netstat 

Answer: C 

Q180. Which of the following OSI layers allows users to access network services such as file sharing? 

A. Layer 1 

B. Layer 3 

C. Layer 4 

D. Layer 7 

Answer: D 

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