Jun 2016 updated: network plus practice test n10-005

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2016 Jun N10-005 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. A network administrator decides to secure their small network by allowing only specific MAC addresses to gain access to the network from specific switches. Which of the following is described by this example? 

A. Packet filtering 

B. Hardware firewalls 

C. Port security 

D. Stateful inspection 

Answer: C 

Q122. Which of the following STP states indicates an inactivated port due to a loop? 

A. Disabled 

B. Learning 

C. Blocking 

D. Forwarding 

Answer: C 

Q123. Which of the following standards can operate at either 20MHz or 40MHz channel spacing? 

A. 802.11a 

B. 802.11b 

C. 802.11g 

D. 802.11n 

Answer: D 

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Improved network+ free practice test n10-005:

Q124. Which of the following allows an administrator to reference performance and configuration information if there is a problem on the network? 

A. Wire schemes 

B. Change management 

C. Network diagrams 

D. System baselines 

Answer: D 

Q125. Which of the following would be used to place extranet servers in a separate subnet for security purposes? 





Answer: C 

Q126. In the event of a fire in an office building, which of the following cable types should be installed to prevent toxic gas from burning PVC cable coatings? 

A. CAT6a 

B. Plenum 

C. Crossover 


Answer: B 


Vivid network plus practice exam n10-005:

Q127. Which of the following will BEST block a host from accessing the LAN on a network using static IP addresses? 

A. IP filtering 

B. Port filtering 

C. MAC address filtering 

D. DHCP lease 

Answer: A 

Q128. A network technician has configured a new firewall with a rule to deny UDP traffic. Users have reported that they are unable to access Internet websites. The technician verifies this using the IP address of a popular website. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error? 

A. Implicit deny 

B. HTTP transports over UDP 

C. Website is down 

D. DNS server failure 

Answer: A 

Q129. A network administrator is replacing old switches to support a VoIP deployment. Based on this parameter, which of the following is MOST likely to be implemented on these new switches? 

A. PoE 




Answer: A 

Q130. Which of the following provides secure access to a network device? 

A. SNMPv2 




Answer: D 

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